Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I see a lot of homeschool bloggers posting sample daily schedules.
I enjoy reading them.
Maybe someone has a tip or idea that I hadn't thought of, eh?
I can't really post a true schedule.
Every day is different.

This morning, Mike went into work late.
(By the way--he is no longer treasurer for the fire department!!  woo hoo!!  He is now a lieutenant.  He handed over all the STUFF to the new treasurer last night!  He was just a tad bit excited.)
This means he will not be home until late..or early, depending on how you look at it.
Early, meaning after 12 midnight.

We actually sat around the breakfast table, albeit briefly, this morning.
It is frigid out.  So, we're a bit slower getting going in the mornings.  If we have no where to go (I LOVE THOSE DAYS!!), I don't rush anyone out of bed.  It is still dark at 7am..I don't want to get up!

Anyway, days where we can kinda mosey on out and settle in at no particular pace are so much more peaceful.  No, I didn't comb the girls' hair today..but everyone is dressed and whatnot.  
Here is a small glimpse of our morning.

Math games on the tablet.

Imaginative play.
(while wearing a bunch of layers)

Reading to one another.
(nope, I didn't put away the outdoor clothing from the other day yet)

Don't mess with a good thing, right?

Around 10:30, we sat down to do some book work.
We stopped around 1pm for lunch.
Break after lunch for 2-3 hours or so..
and then finishing up a few things before dinner.

One of the nice things about winter--
we don't do sports (other than dance) and keep our activities to a minimum.

What do we generally cover in a day?

Bible, Math, History, Science, Language, Spelling, Handwriting, Reading.

We alternate days with poetry, art, and music, and animal studies.
Science and language sometimes are also alternated, depending on the lessons for the week.
Throw in a bit of Kindergarten work and there you have it.

The order and length of time spent on a subject varies from day to day.
It sounds like a lot.  
It is a lot.

Especially when you factor in housework, meals, two little ones that don't have schoolwork yet, discipline, etc. etc. etc.

And yet, there is so much more I want to do!!!

Can you relate?

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