Friday, August 10, 2012


It is Friday.
It is raining.

It has been a busy week (and we're not done yet!).

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...
We think summer is going to be so much more laid back and less busy--
but it is NOT!!
Yes, we have less of a schedule/routine but not less to do!
This past week has included:
a trip to the pool
grocery shopping
 two meetings
scheduling appointments
 happened to my clothesline..of course right after I had hung wet clothes
basement cleanup (by no means done, but progress)
a musical recital/potluck dinner
a couple quick stops at the library
a gazillion loads of laundry (is it EVER done??)
curtain washing
baby clothes sorting
zucchini bread baking
Not to mention all the everyday things that need to be inserted in there.

Last night, driving home this is what I heard from the back seat:
"Knock, knock"
Haha ha ha!"

Travis was telling himself knock-knock jokes.
It was pretty funny.
He is our latest talker..still not possessing a full vocabulary and dare I say, one not even on his age level--but he knows exactly what is going on and communicates very well.   We have definitely seen progress in the sound department over the past two months, which is encouraging.  I did bring up the issue to the doc at his 18 month checkup, but doc didn't seem concerned and said we'll revisit at the age of 2.  (Michael had started speech therapy before two, just to put that out there.)  
We shall see.

Speaking of Michael, he is just growing and growing and growing.  He has filled out and is no longer string-bean skinny..but still super tall for his age and his FEET!!!  I'm telling you, it was in a matter of days that he outgrew his shoes!  He is no longer in "toddler/little kid" sizes.  I think it is the age, but he is also turning into quite a smarty-pants.  Some of the comments he spouts have me turning my head twice.  He has also become a bit more adventurous in his diet--he will now eat sauce with his spaghetti, for example.  I'm debating on whether or not to sign him up for a fall activity or sport..while I really want to, I don't know if it will be too much with a new baby coming.  We already have dance and story-time.. plus, I'm going to be having the frequent doctor visits soon.  Maybe it would be better to wait until the new year...???

Oh, I just noticed, according to my ticker that we have 100 days left until we meet baby.  Roughly.
I don't take stock in an actual date anymore and prefer not to tell people a date, but rather a general time frame.
  I've gone early, late, and right to the date, so no telling when little one will decide to join us.

I didn't get nearly the "educational" fun stuff in this summer that I had planned on.
It just didn't happen. 
Oh well.
We spent time together.  
That is what counts, right?

Friday, August 3, 2012


We visited the local park the other day on a cloudy, breezy morning.
It was empty.  Perfect.

Just two pictures to share.

Bean and her pet dinosaur.


Meet Peanuts and Sparkles,
Our resident hermit crabs for the month.
Friends are away and we are taking care of them.

They are pretty interesting to watch.
Did you know that, contrary to their name, hermit crabs are actually social?

Peanuts on the run.

I'm sure we'll have more pictures to share before the month is out.