Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Good Morning everyone...So, as Paul Harvey is known to say...would you like to know the REST of the story??

Back in July we went to go look at a house in Blairstown...it was a little bit out of our price range--our realtor told us not to bother looking at it--but nevertheless we went to go look.

Well, Mike fell in love with the place....we ended up getting a "tour" from the owners before the realtor got there and so we got to chat a bit about the place and things--which I believe was in our favor. We told them flat out that the price they were asking, we could not afford...

Mike and I talked it over and hemmed and hawed over presenting them an offer--not thinking they would accept our offer which was significantly lower than the asking price. Buuutt...a few days later (2??) we got a phone call from our realtor--the owners were offering us their house at the exact price we were thinking of offering them!!!! Pretty amazing huh??

We jumped on it....and for the next couple of weeks everything flew by soooo smoothly-we set a closing date for August 22nd. And it really looked like everything would fall into place by then. THEN--the bomb hit!!! We found out a week before we were supposed to close--well it was actually a week and one day--that the mortgage we had applied for and been pre-approved for, fell through. And the way it was put to us was that, we would not be able to get a mortgage anywhere for at least a couple more years. It had to do with Mike's new position and our income being commission...anyway, we were stunned and disappointed and ...you can imagine.

God is in control. There is no way anyone can deny it. A day later, I happened to mention our situation to my mother---who told me--that very day, her boss had asked about our home buying situation and found out about our troubles. She had gone to see a mortgage underwriter that very morning and mentioned us to her....we were urged to give her a call--maybe she could help. At the very least she would tell us if there was "hope" for us. Which I promptly did...and she was very confident on the phone...took a whole lot of info and said we would be in touch.

She went on vacation the very next day for a week!!! (keep in mind we only had a week to get everything together) We had her cell number, she had said call her even though she was away. Well...we called, and called, and left messages, and sent emails--starting to get antsy--and nothing. Finally, just as we were about to give up on her and the whole deal--she answered an email (claiming she had no phone service where she was)...

We met with her the day after she got back from vacation at a diner to go over paperwork...She assured us everything would be fine.

So okay, relief!! We got a mortgage....we find out that the septic (which failed and the seller was going to get taken care of before closing) has not been started yet!! And, on top of that--the well test failed. What does that mean for us?? A lot of patience and faith....which at times are not always easy to come by.

We were told the well was going to be re-tested and we should have the results by the beginning of September--a house cannot be sold by law without a functioning well. We waited and waited and waited...no results...no progress on the septic...I think it was just last week that we finally found out that the well test was good...to date, the septic has not been started. The town has not issued the proper permits yet.

So by now, we are into September--our closing date has been pushed back obviously...and we get an email telling us that we MUST close by 9/15 in order to qualify for certain mortgage assistance (without which we would be unable to purchase any house)...this email came the 11th I think.

We made many phone calls and raced around...and finally got a date and time for closing--Yesterday, 9/15 at 12:30pm.

We went to do the walk-through yesterday morning--and we got a "nice" surprise. Not something I should really be sharing with anyone I guess, but I'm sure we will look back and laugh someday...FLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ew!!! (No fear, they are being taken care of, possibly as we converse here.) Thanks to Michael who kept brushing at his legs and arms. The lady who did the walk through with us was pretty disgusted. We promptly called our lawyer to see what could be done--who is great by the way--she really came through for us with everything. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. We were and are really disappointed in everyone else who was involved in the process.

So, okay we got prices from some exterminators etc. Like I said, its being taken care of today. This is turning into a long story!! Needless to say, instead of closing at 12:30--we didn't even get into the lawyers office till 3ish-pm...and the mortgage money was not wired in a timely manner (giving us a scare) so we did not actually close till 5pm...Till the last second there was always something...but Praise God, we are now in possession of a home...I have tried 4 times to get pictures up and its just not working. I'm sorry. I will try again soon I promise.

Our plans were somewhat skewed due to the critters, and we didn't want the kids amidst the things...but Mike and I did end up going over last night (and leaving this morning--yawn) to clean some (its pretty filthy) and spray a bit on our own, because after the place is bombed or sprayed or whatever they're going to do with it...we cannot clean for 24 hours....and being that this is Mike's only week off, we wanted to get as much done as possible before the weekend.

We're allowed in 4 hours after the fleas are taken care of....and we're hoping to get some painting done.

So after much, stress and headaches--we hope to be out of here by the end of the month. Well, we HAVE to be out of here by the end of the month. FYI we will no longer be having a land-line as of Monday, so if anyone needs to reach us, it will be by cell phone only. The computer should be up and running by the middle of next week..I'll have service till the end of this week.

I'm sure I've missed a few things, but you get the jist of our whole home-buying experience. I hope never to go through it again. :)

I guess that is our story. And we're sticking to it.

Monday, September 8, 2008


A new family of three...this is hours after the birth.
Mommy and baby.....

Estrella Frances VanderValk was born on Friday, September 5th at 4:51pm. She is a little thing...7lbs 6oz at birth and a mere 18" long er..short. She has her Daddy's nose and a whole lot of hair!!!

We haven't seen her awake yet...though we've been to visit 3 times....

A new cousin to play with!!!!

So sweet...isn't she small!!

My first niece....Michael kept looking at her like...wow.....

Michael was so cute with her!! He put out his arms to hold her and was sooooo gentle.

A parting shot...