Saturday, March 21, 2015


After the birth of baby numero 6, I had the opportunity to go to a "mothercare" class that was offered for free.  I figured, why not?  It was a four week program, with a class every week.  A great idea for a new mom to connect with other new moms and discuss various topics.  Overall it was nice.  I kind of just smiled and nodded the whole class time..the other moms (with exception of 1) were all first-timers.  I'm certainly not an expert, but after six births and six different personalities etc., I'm fairly comfortable with the way we run things around here etc.  Its not a new topic.
I found it extremely interesting that "society" feels the need to label everyone.  Some questions for discussion included the "supermom," attachment parenting, helicopter parenting, baby-led parenting, and the list went on...SERIOUSLY?!!  Can't we all just be parents?  Everyone has their own parenting style and as long as the children are healthy & happy--leave it be!  It can create serious judgment and envy of others and their choices. 
 Supermom is a myth, just like superman.  
We are ALL supermoms so long as we are making the best decisions we can for the best care for our children.  Maybe your house is not spotless, maybe your kids don't wear brand name clothes, maybe you don't feed them organic food and maybe, just maybe you weren't able to breastfeed--or maybe you only eat whole foods and never allow them to have sugar or dyes and breastfed until 2 years old (+).  Maybe you MUST have the floors spotless and the grout sparkling white in your shower, or maybe you MUST have home-cooked meals EVERY night or maybe you indulge in takeout and fast food.  OR maybe you send your kids to public schools! (gasp* wink*)..we all have our priorities.  

I know I've said it before, I baby-wear when it works for us, I breastfeed when it works for us, I will co-sleep if the child needs it and so on.  I hate the labels.  I'm a parent.  I'm a super mom to MY kids and YOU are super mom (dad) to YOUR kids.  We all do things a little bit differently, but as long as the end result is the same--please ignore those labels.  
I just looked around at those new moms and could see that no one wanted to really speak up for fear that their choice "style" of parenting would be met with judgement from others.  What a horrid way to start parenthood.  Be you.  Love your kids.  Do the very best you can do with what you are given.  Pray often.  Did I say, love your kids?  Yeah, we all make mistakes but love one another as well.  I'm thankful to a GREAT and AWESOME God for the privilege of raising children and equips me with what I need.

End rant.
I could go on.  I'll spare you though.  I just felt the need to comment.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Can you name all the boys?


Though you can't see the flurries, it is currently snowing on the first day of SPRING!

Just when we could see the ground peeking through and the driveway only had little patches of ice left--Happy Spring!
The good news is it won't last too long.  I think we're supposed to be in the mid 40's again next week.