Thursday, December 31, 2009


On December 24th, my Dad turned 50.


The house looked very festive.

This little girl was so happy that night! 

Poppop & Uncle David

Opoe & Poppop.  Their oldest son turned 50.
We were glad to see Poppop there, hes had a bit of a rough stretch.

And look who came all the way from Utah!!!

Michael and Penny and Izzy...
flew in to spend the holidays with us!!

It was the first time we'd met Penny and Isabelle
and it had been probably 10 years or so since Mike had been out here.

This didn't last more than 2 seconds! 

Carina and Eric playing peek-a-boo

Nena and Zachary.
Look at how awake he is!

Time for cake!

And presents!

A Harley Davidson T-shirt from Utah

A tired Izzy.


Peek-a-boo with Rian

And all the kids...

Happy Birthday, Dad!
We hope you enjoyed your day
and wish you many more happy & healthy birthdays


Last night, we took Grandma out to celebrate her 80th birthday.

She chose The Olive Garden

Mike and his Grandmother.


Carina did a pretty good job on her food, unlike her brother.

Rian, (no picture) at everything plus!  What a good girl!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! 
Wishing you many more.


How we got such picky eaters, I don't know. 
It is very frustrating though.
The other night, neither one of them would eat their dinner...(and I made things that they NORMALLY eat)
So, they had to sit either until it was gone or until the timer went off.
Once the timer went off, if there was still food left, it was straight to bed.

Well, my stubborn, picky darling fell asleep instead.

It was bed with no dinner anyway.
I sure hope they outgrow this AND that Rian does not copy her siblings.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



It was one of those mornings when the woodstove was cranking..
It was nearly 500 degrees in the living room
which is why the kids are barely dressed.



A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Paul Miller Company Party...

It is huge.

The party is held at the Sheraton in Parsippany.
As a post-anniversary gift, we booked a room for the night.
(Thanks in part to Steven)

There was a snowstorm that day/ it took us about an hour and a half to get there.
The roads were horrible. 

Getting ready.

A bed for each of us. 
I didn't have to put up with the cover-hog.

So, the party begins with a cocktail hour (I don't have any pictures of that)
In addition to having servers walking around with platters, there is also a full buffet of hot food.
Ice Sculptures all around, a pianist playing music, gowns, sequins, tuxes...the works.

After cocktail hour, we find seats in the Grand Ballroom.  There were 400+ guests invited to the event.
Mike and I sat with his fellow Service Advisors..

There are awards given out and different recognitions..

There is a live band. 
A large live band.

To eat..or not to eat.

(I don't think anyone actually at the flower--though I'm sure it was edible)

The guy in blue, Mike, got engaged that evening, I believe.

The centerpieces were pretty.

There we are.

Oh, the weather outside was frightful!

The next morning's winter wonderland.

It was a nice, albeit, brief getaway.