Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mommy Tummy

Awhile back, some of us were talking about how to rid oneself of the extra pounds that just seem to hang on after having a baby...Well, a lot of people say to do "crunches" to flatten the tummy...however, I came across this article by Rachel Rabkin Pechman in the July issue of "Parenting" that says crunches can actually hinder and not help. For those of you interested..READ ON:

"The stubborn tummy (why crunches don't always work)"

"During pregnancy the outermost abdominal muscles stretch and separate to make room for the expanding uterus. Even after birth, though, when the uterus shrinks back to its original size, these ab muscles can stay separated (after a vaginal delivery or a c-section). And crunches can do more harm than good.

'Crunches put pressure on the tissue that connects the outermost abdominal muscles, which can further separate tham,' says Julie Tupler, a nurse and coauthor of Lose Your Mummy Tummy. The key to toning up your tummy: Brace your stomach and focus on engaging the innermost ab muscle, the transverse abdominus, since this is the muscle that really supports the uterus and gut and keeps your belly sucked in. This also helps prevent back pain.

You can engage and tone your transverse ab muscle while you do almost any activity--or when you're just sitting around. How? Sit up straight, shoulders down, and draw your belly button in toward your spine. 'Imagine you're wearing a corset and you're pulling its strings tight,' says Lisa Druxman, a fitness trainer and author of Lean Mommy. Believe it or not, sitting this way (say, while you're reading to your child) or standing this way (maybe while you're waiting in line at the store or changing a diaper) will make your abs firmer and flatter. It'll instantly elongate your torso and strengthen your abs and back. If you think you'll forget to do this, tie a piece of string around your waist while your ab muscles are drawn in, and leave it there. Every time you expand your stomach, you'll feel the string pull and remember to keep your abs taut."

The article continues with a few other excercies and other tips, but I think that is enough for now. "Good luck" to all those "battling" this "condition." I know I have enough in this area to keep me busy for awhile.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. We surely have so much to be thankful for!!

So, it has certainly been quite awhile. We do have excuse however...We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Carina Jean Rose was born on November home on our living room floor. She apparently did not want to wait to go to the hospital. It all happened super-fast! Quite the excitement. We were then taken by ambulance to our local hospital for a few days stay. We are both doing well.
She is really a good baby..she has been sleeping through the night already at two weeks old!! Again, what a blessing! Its hard to believe she'll be a month old already next week. She has Daddy's mouth and Mommy's nose..and she is dark (skin and hair) as of now. I suppose that could all change.

Michael has been sooooo good with her. He rushes to go see what is the matter if she fusses, he loves to give her kisses and touch her hair. What a sweetheart of a brother. :) I'll have to remind him of his actions when he is a little bit older.

In other news, we would also like to welcome (not even 24 hours old yet) little Eric Joseph to our family...Esther and Joey have a son--born December 4th. He is TINY!! Could be partly because he is 3 weeks early. Welcome little one!We only went to see him no pictures yet.
I know there is so much that I am missing..but those have been the highlights of our past month. Till next time....