Saturday, August 29, 2009


Rian is really starting to show an interest in toys..

(not to mention everything else that is going on around her!!)


On Thursday, we went over to Nena & Popi's house...I think this was only our 4th time in a pool all summer, its been so rainy and unseasonably cold.

Michael did not want to come in..and did not want to come in--but eventually we did convince him. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of him in the water--he was like a leech stuck to me, and then I had another one, once he was comfortable.

Even Rian enjoyed the water for a little bit, till she had to have a snack and a nap.

Rena in the hippo...
with the frogs on her arms...

Estrella is going to be swimming soon...

She kicks and splashes and is fine on her own.

Though she does tend to drink some of the water... :)

Here she goes....and I must say, this is a pretty poor example. She was getting hungry and cranky at this point.


On Wednesday, we went over to play at the Gruswitz house!!

Eric, Estrella, Jake, and Helena joined us to come and play with Olive & Eden...
They had a great kiddie pool....

Olive and Rena were discussing important business...

Isn't her hair so cute?!!

And a great big pool too..the temperature was perfect.

New swimmies.....

Lots of pool toys and floats...

There were a few monkeys on the loose....

A little bit later, Andy's brother came by with his kids and a friend. Baby Star wanted to play with Winter...We had a nice time, thanks for having us!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


My first attempt at canning....

Bread and Butter pickles...yummy. Well, at least I hope they are yummy. We will see.

I was surprised at how easy it was...I expected more of a process. I also expected more out of a "batch." But that is okay--now I know for next time.


Here are some pictures of things that are growing around the yard...


We have some very funky looking mushrooms, and a lot of them--can anyone identify them??

Disregard the camera strap hanging in there.


On Friday night, we got a kitty!! She is still a kitten....

Meet the new additions to our family.

This is Nola. She needed a home....her previous "owner" did not know if she was a male or female, and called her Noah. But we found out she is a girl!!!! So, Nola is pretty close. :)

She is still a little bit shy, especially of Mike. But loooooves to be pet.

The shed is her safe place right now...

For those of you concerned, she is strictly outdoors.

I like this picture.


On Thursday night, we also got a bird. He is a green cheeked conure--a member of the parrot family. We don't know how old he is (or even if he is a he).

Another case of needing a home.

His name is Wong....
and he is pretty well behaved--

but very messy!!!!

Michael's new favorite seat. :)

So, we have graduated from having only fish---to having animals that need more love and care. You know what the next step is, don't you??