Saturday, June 24, 2017


We are definitely on our summer schedule.
A much lighter school load and lots of activities.
I have a bunch of posts due, but here is just a glimpse into what has been going on..

firepit..inevitably leads to smores.

Pool is open..just not company ready.
A few things still have to be taken care of for the sake of safety.

Annual end of co-op field trip!

Park meet-ups with friends..even in the drizzling rain.

So much outdoor play makes one tired!

Hiking and picnicking with friends!

Summer Reading Kick-off party and festivities..

And just some good "ole' fashioned fun."

I'll try to get on here soon to get more in depth.
Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


For the past two years, my older kids have been using Math Lessons for a Living Education.
This is a literature based approach to math, not quite like Life of Fred, but similar in some aspects.  I was fairly hands-off, unless they needed help on something.  There is a story to read and then questions to answer based on the story and concepts talked about in the story.  It worked fairly well.
I actually got them for "free" unless you consider the amount of ink and paper used to print out a couple hundred pages per student!  They do come in workbook format though and are fairly inexpensive.

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photo cred amazon

The two younger kids used Horizons for math this year.  My first grader will be continuing with this program for the next school year.  It is laid out nicely and is colorful.  This program doesn't usually have too much overkill on concepts.  Ya know, 600 addition problems and 400 subtraction problems for one lesson..... ;P
To finish up Kindergarten, we are actually using dollar store workbooks on addition and subtraction.

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One of the changes for the next school year is in our math curriculum.
The three older ones will be using Teaching Textbooks.  It was pretty pricey, however I anticipate using them for subsequent years.  I know several people that have used or are currently using this program and they speak highly of it.  I liked that they also offer a placement test prior to purchasing.  Teaching Textbooks offers lessons via cd and will grade and keep track of student progress for me.  They also offer a workbook for those students that would rather do their math on paper rather than computer.  

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In addition to our "regular" math curriculum we have used on co-op mornings.  One of my students also uses the following book:

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If you have never checked out these books, by Sarah Janisse Brown and published by The Thinking Tree LLC, I highly recommend them!   They have all sorts of homeschooling journals and curriculum.

We had a couple of requests for Life of Fred this year, so we may use that at times as well.  As of now, I only have one LOF in my possession.

I guess that about sums up our math curriculum.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Would you believe that we don't have a single picture of Boogie in his cap and gown or any of us with him?!!  Totally dropped the ball on that one!  

In my defense, I was "in charge" of Kindergarten graduation--so I wasn't in the audience to even get a picture.  I was helping them line up and handing out microphones and such.  We do have it all recorded though, so that is something.   The parents actually get to stand up with their child and say a little something (I made Mike talk!) and then the graduates gave their mothers each a rose.  They sang two songs that we had been practicing for a couple of weeks and later got their certificates.

I don't put much stock in Kindergarten graduation, but it is a nice little milestone to celebrate.  The celebration of learning is a nice way to end the co-op year--we had a pizza dinner this year and then the closing ceremonies.  There is also a chance for the classes to display any work they did for parents and attendees to look at.  All students that attend the celebration of learning (it is not a mandatory thing) also get a certificate saying they have passed to the next grade.

For the 2017-2018 school year, I'll have a 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st and PreK..possibly 2 PreKs.
Time flies!

Friday, June 9, 2017


We visited Friday co-op last year on Talent Show day.
Since we joined, the girls had been asking if they could be in the talent show.

Sure enough, Bean gave her archery presentation, recited "The Ingenious Little Old Man" by John Bennett, and both girls sang "Not Guilty."

Missy also played a piano piece, but the title is escaping me at the moment.

They did a great job!  Several people came up to me later on and commented on their performances.

After the talent show, we picked up our yearbook and participated in the end of year picnic.

That concluded our 2016-2017 co-op year.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


A local church hosted a Father/Son overnight camping trip.

Mike took two of the boys.  If they do it again next year, it will be all of the boys! 
They all enjoyed it.

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MJ especially enjoyed fishing!
He didn't catch anything, but apparently spent hours trying.

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It rained in the morning lightly, but it was over soon and not enough to put a damper on things.

Maybe we'll actually be able to go as a family this season.

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Any recommendations on good campsites?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The weather for field day 2017 was perfect!
We had the red team versus the blue team.

I was assigned to the grades 1-3 group to walk them from station to station.
This would be the reason I have no pictures of the older kids.
Of course, the two littles hung by me instead of going with their respective groups.

Three-legged race!

The kids.

Crazy clothes station.

Water bucket relay.

After lunch, we hit the splash pad.
A bit cold for my liking, but the kids had a blast.

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We even ran into some friends that we haven't seen in quite a long time!
All-around nice day!