Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday was HOT and MUGGY!! And we had some kids over to play, 8 this time??... unfortunately we also missed a whole bunch of you due to various things..but we had fun anyway. We started out the pool, on the slides, etc. but the weather turned and we ended up in the basement--which was a lot cooler which was nice (especially for our 3 expectant mommys, I'm sure), but probably not as much fun. Oh Well!!

Hi, Quentin!

Rian loves her fingers. They must be flavored.

Can we fit a few more kids in there??

Run, Carina, Run!


Eric in the pool..

And then it rained........ so in we went.

Sitting with Aunt Essie

I'm sure he'll be Daddy's helper one of these days..

Still a bit wet!


Poor baby had to go to the city for allergy testing the day before and so she couldn't play too much--

Jordan & Mikayla playing the non-working piano thingy

Quentin loves the bouncy zebra

Where is Rena?


Silly Rena under the ping pong table

Hi, Baby Star!

A few other things, while I'm remembering--I must apologize, I misspelled Cole's middle name. It is actually spelled Braydon not Brayden.

Also, good news--our new Pastor and his family have safely arrived in NJ!! Welcome Serafini family!!!


A good morning kiss.

And a hug.


Good Morning!! Sherilyn and I (and Rian) arrived at the VanGrouw house around 6:30am to help prepare for Sue & Tom's wedding.

The bride:

The Hat:
The Dress:

Perfectly coordinated. The tie is for Nate, Leah's significant other. ;)

The first hairdo of the morning.

Hairdo #2. Kristen's turn:

The morning bustle:

Wedding breakfast:

Hairdo #3. Julia still looks tired.

Orchids for a theme:

Hairdo #4. Mrs. VanGrouw:Trying on the hat:Through it all, Rian was a good girl, but then, I didn't expect less.

Added flora:
Check out those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
Flower girl dresses have arrived:

The flower girls are ready to go.

Time for the Bride:

Getting there:

Dani waiting for the final touches:

poor girl--I burned her ear with the curling iron (accidentally)--whether she moved or I moved or a combo--poor thing, she was a trooper.

Kristen is ready to go:

Wedding bouquets:

(Dad didn't get the whole wire look ;) )

The waiting game and finishing touches:

Flowers add a finishing touch:

Danielle is getting ready:
Julia looking pretty:

Putting in the veil:

Mother of the Bride:
Everyone looked great. I hope you all had a wonderful, memorable day.
Congrats Sue & Tom!