Tuesday, June 28, 2011



We recently had the opportunity to attend the ENOCH convention for the first time.  It was a two day convention held in Edison.
Very similar format to the NJEA and the Christian School (I forget what that one is called) Conventions, but on a smaller scale in terms of vendors and amount of workshops. 
They were offering a special on hotels for convention attendees, so Mike and I got our first mini-overnight getaway in.....a long time. The last time was probably his cousins wedding last summer.
Anyway, there were some familiar faces present!

 The Grand Ballroom, where the keynote speeches were held.
 One of the workshops we attended.
 Program booklet.
 A speaker for the HSLDA
(home school legal defense association)
 More familiar faces.

 The vendor area, this was later on in day two, so several booths had already cleaned up.
Don't we look thrilled??
We even got a "date" in there too on Friday night.
 It was informative for the most part.
There was one workshop that I wasn't thrilled with and one was a bit redundant..but otherwise they were pretty good.  Maybe sometime in the near future I can share some tidbits with you. 


 Where oh where has time gone?
My big boy graduated from Pre-K last week and will soon turn 5 years old!!
The teachers and aides had nothing but good things to say, which is always nice to hear.  His graduation "ceremony" was a compilation of things that they had learned throughout the year..songs and poems, little gifts for the parents and celebratory dessert!

 Michael going to give Daddy his present.
It was right before Father's Day, so it was an extra special gift for Daddies.  Moms got flowers and hugs.  ;)

The caps.
Why do graduates have to wear such weird headgear??

Some dessert with the girls
Pictures with friends.
And teachers.

And siblings.
And Daddy.
It was quite a momentous occasion, as you can imagine.
And even with Mommy!
Congratulations, Michael!
Here comes Kindergarten..
We can't wait to see all the things you'll do and the places you'll go!

Friday, June 24, 2011


School is out!
The other day a few of us went to the lake.
It was overcast and we even had a couple of raindrops, but the water was warm and the kiddies had a blast!
5 adults, 11 kids.

 Victoria's first time in the water!!
 I didn't get any pictures of little mister in the water, but he loved it.
I didn't love that he wanted to eat sand.
He managed to sneak 2 handfuls when I glanced away for 2 seconds.
Don't worry, I washed out his mouth.

 Tia looks a little chilly

 Love the little heinies in bathing suits
 Yes, that is little mister in there.
He was exhausted after playing in the water and eating lunch.
He decided to take a nap.
Rough life.
 Potty run!

 We packed up and spent a bit of time on the playground before calling it a day

Always fun to get together with friends!!
Lets do it again sometime soon!