Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Last week was the wrap up for the soccer program we had enrolled the kids in.  It was a hot one that day!  They had a time afterward to hand out some "trophies."  Mike surprised us and showed up for the final practice and handing out of awards.  Nice treat for everyone.
  I do have a few more pictures that I'll get up soon.
(Mike got me a new & compatible memory card for my birthday!! yay!!)

 I will say, the first practice..Carina made me cringe.  She is just all arms and legs and not the most athletic of kids, but she improved sooo much over the couple of weeks!  Nice work, Bean!!
 Michael had a great time and also showed marked improvement in ball skills.  It was our first attempt at organized sports and overall they both did well.  I was pleased at how they listened to the coach--it AMAZES me at what parents let their kids get away with!!  I guess thats another topic altogether.
I think we're going to try T-ball next.

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