Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We stayed at a Hilton Garden in Frederick, Maryland. It was nice. We had a fridge and a microwave in the room that were really helpful.

They had an indoor pool which we had to ourselves Friday evening, the lobby area was really nice, fireplace and all..but the pictures didn't come out.

No, the red cup does not contain alcohol. Rather, it contains breastmilk on ice. Not for Mike's consumption. The fridge came in really handy for storing the milk.

This bike was parked there for the duration of our stay...unfortunately it came out blurry. But Mike was drooling over it. He did pass his road test to get his license, by the way. With flying colors.

We stayed on the first floor in a king room...

More will follow.


Carina's hair is so thin. And her bangs were getting out of control. So, we decided to go for her first "professional" haircut yesterday.

Waiting & reading a magazine.

what a ham!!

She did an excellent job sitting..


I told her not to move...and she took me very seriously. Even when told to put her chin down...she did not want to move. It was funny.

So we got the bangs cleaned up and a "bob" style in the back.

So Pretty!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Friday afternoon was the rehearsal for Saturday's wedding (pictures coming). It was held at the Ceresville (I'm pretty sure that is what is was called and how it is spelled--correct me if I'm wrong) Mansion in Frederick, Maryland.

We had just arrived.

Bryon & Linda arriving

Sleeping Cole

Outdoor decor
Rear of the mansion...
Bill, Tim, Bryon, Mike, Chris (Moe), Matthew

Ladies side...
Stephanie was maid of honor, Angie(?), Lindsay

How bout a kiss??

dismissed...the first time around.

Lighting the unity candle..
Getting some more of those little details.

The moms lighting their candles
Okay, time to go through it again...

Marching, marching..

Cathy's Dad handing her over to Bill.

The weather was beautiful...its too bad that it didn't last. It would have been nice to see the outdoors lit up at night.

And from there we headed down to the pavilion for some food.