Monday, June 23, 2008


Here are a few pictures of some of our summertime activities dates, swimming, going to the park, eating ice cream, and watering Mimi. :)

We finally made our trek to Cold Stone Creamery (after attempting to get there for 2 years--no lie!!) . Carina just had to share some of Daddy's ice cream. She enjoyed it very much!!

Michael, enjoying a sunny day. What a cutie!!

Michael was helping Mimi water the flowers...and figured out (all by himself) that it was much more fun to squirt people!! He ended up going home with no pants on, because they were soaked.

Eric thought it was so funny!

Michael was laying and watching this fly on the glass door for probably a good 20 minutes. You most likely can't make out the fly on the glass, but it is there. He was so interested in watching it.

Michael and Silas at the park...very short-lived coloring with sidewalk chalk. I think they had fun anyway.

Rena and Will don't have quite the freedom Michael and Silas they just hung around the blankets. Unfortunately, we got rained it was a relatively short time at the park that day.

Another park, another Sophia and her mommy down the slide.

Little "Q" was there too....but he is too little to play. Going on 4 months old...soon he'll be running with the rest. Rena was in the stroller and her picture didn't come out too well.

It was a HOT June day!!!!! Michael cooled off in the pool (which afterwards had to make its way to the dumpster).

Rena was inside taking a rest...she also enjoyed the pool that day.

So, there are some of our activities. We hope to go see more friends this week!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Finally, an updated (welllllll...2 months old already!!) family picture!

So much can change in such a short amount of time. It's amazing.

Michael will be two (Lord willing) in less than a month. We've begun speech therapy. He tries so hard--and that I think is half the battle. Hopefully it won't be a struggle for too much longer.

Carina is crawling, eating cereal, wanting so much to play with her big brother. She'll be 8 months soon.

We went swimming yesterday (in a big pool) for the first time this season..and the first time ever for Rena. She enjoyed herself.

Sherilyn is due very soon...probably sooner than everyone expects. Another cousin to play with!

I had another birthday...30 is fast approaching.

Pastor Lipsy has accepted the call to Arkansas. That alone will bring big change.

A couple of new babies have been born since we've last "chatted."

We're in the process of finding a home. A couple of hit and misses..but the Lord is in control and will bring us to a house that is suitable...not even just suitable, but perfect for us. Please keep it and us in your prayers.