Saturday, May 30, 2015


The three oldest joined a 4-H Garden Club that meets at our library.
These are some pictures from one of the meetings.

I had a very brief experience with 4-H in 3rd grade, I think.
How about you?  Any experience?  Any club recommendations?


Well, the season is just about wrapped up.
We have about a week or so left.
This was Michael's 2nd year in playing baseball.

This year both girls played softball for the first time.
The softball program was a bit more rigorous than baseball, surprisingly! 
They started indoors at the end of March and finished last week.
Baseball still has a few more games.
It was a good experience and I think both girls enjoyed it, even more so than T-ball.

I think Mike has more pictures somewhere.  
I'll have to pester him.

 It is always with mixed feelings we end a season--yay for more time and less running around, but it is nice to see the kids enjoying the activities and teammates too.
For some reason, even though it started early, this season went really fast!
It was fun.
Til next year!

Friday, May 29, 2015


I don't remember if I ever showed you the final product. 
If I did, feel free to skip this post.

Here is the beginning process of the hallway

Paint, trim, chalkboard all done..

the floor!
Bamboo, same as our bedroom.

I still have to put up the pictures and such, but other than that, 
one more thing we can check off the list.  

Quick opinion question--Would you go all wood frames, black frames, or a mixture??

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


First food picture!

Friday, May 22, 2015


How did we get here already?

6 months old!

I just had to go through his clothing again and weed out the stuff that is too small.
He is wearing 12 months pretty much, with a few variations on either side, depending on the make of the clothing.

6 month stats:
20lbs and 27inches.

I really expected him to be a bit heavier..because he FEELS so heavy.
I think the baby carrier is soon to be a thing of the past.  It is always hard to switch, because that carrier is so convenient.

We have not yet introduced solid foods..but that will be soon as well.
He sits pretty well, rolls from tummy to back, and is still talking up a storm.
He found his feet and likes to suck on his toes.  Yummy.

Overall, he is a really good baby--happy, content and friendly.
Happy half-a-year!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Last week, we had the opportunity to go to Valley Forge for a field trip.
We met up with friends and had an overall nice day.

We actually made a little mini getaway out of it and left the night before.

Here the kids are learning about formation.

We were in the "White Company."

They were given a couple of commands and then marched around the green.

Guns on your left shoulder!

We then marched up the hill to some of the cabins.
This one was under construction.

We were broken up into six or so smaller groups and each group rotated around several stations.
There was Valley Forge Stories, Natural Resources, Weaponry, Bake Oven, Medicine, and Clothing.

Each station had volunteers, usually dressed in costume, that would talk about their given topic.  Personally, medicine and weaponry were the most interesting.

No one would have wanted to have any sort of medical issues back then--trust me!  YIKES!

The soldiers had to go over a mile to the river to get water.

Peeling bark off the logs --which the army did NOT do, by the way.

Bake oven.
I forget how many loaves were baked a day, but was a huge number!


He actually fired, twice.

Inside of one of the cabins.

Most of our crew.
A few littles are missing.

It was pretty neat to be there.
I wish the presenters had a bit more time to talk about their topics, it seemed a bit rushed.
After the formal presentations, we ate a picnic lunch and watched a brief video in the theater (where Grant got his first bruise!) and then made the 2 hour or so trek home.