Monday, April 30, 2012


I guess you've noticed that I haven't been blogging much lately.
I've been BUSY!!
I will try to do better, but honestly, priorities...right?

So, a couple of weeks ago, we threw a surprise Sprinkle for my sister and the soon to arrive little bundle of blue.
Now, please don't tell me that you don't know what a sprinkle is!
Seriously, I was AH-MAAZED at how many people had no idea..and here I thought it was common knowledge.  Ya know, its not a full-blown baby SHOWER like with a first baby, no registering or anything like that..most parents have all the BIG stuff already from baby #1..a Sprinkle is just a little party to welcome the second baby--IF that baby is of the opposite sex. 

 Sherilyn and Joe have already been blessed with a girl..three years they hope to welcome baby boy into the family.  And they don't have any boy things..namely clothes.  Got it?

We kept it small...I think we have 12 people invited and 9 came.  
Moms, Grandma's, Sisters (in-laws) and a couple of friends..
Oh and a couple of nieces to play with.  :)

My sister-in-law's birthday was actually that day and months ago she had asked if she could have the party at Sherilyn and Joe's house for various reasons that all made sense.

So, she was expecting a party that night..just not a Sprinkle!!
It worked out well.

It was decorated for a birthday party..the baby stuff was put up after we arrived.

Notice all the SPRINKLES on the cake  ;)


A toast..(with blue wine!  good job, Jamie!)

And being that it was Jamie and Sherilyn's mother-in-law's actual birthday..
we had birthday cake and sang for them.
Thanks for "giving up" your birthday evening for the festivities.

Birthday girls!

Rian filling out a sheet for her cousin's baby book..


Victoria modelling her Grandma's glasses..
Brave, Mrs. Trimble!!  

Happy Sprinkle!
Can't wait to meet little 'Chicken Joe!'


Here are some shots from Michael's first T-ball game.

FYI, they don't play outs in T-ball..nor do they keep score..everyone has a chance to bat.
It is all about LEARNING the game.
And its fun.
Its fun watching the kids learn.

Unfortunately, Michael's allergies have hit..
so, here you can see him rubbing his eyes.  :(
I forgot the eye drops that day..but rest assured, they now stay in my purse!

The teams are fairly small this year, so the kids get moved around from position to position often.
Michael at first base.


One of the girls had to go to the we got a shot from the other side!
Now he is near the pitcher's mound.

Tonight they are going to start pitching to the kids rather than just using the tee.

Made it to first!


A faithful fan.
He has only tried to run onto the field three or four times!  ;)

Next stop home!
Nothing like having a bunch of kids in the baseline....

Gotta love all the antics in the background..

Made it home!

Shaking hands with the other team

Woo hoo!  
Go Sharks!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yesterday, we celebrated Rian's third birthday!

Is it time to open presents yet??
(This being first thing in the morning)

Three years old!
She had been sooooo excited for her birthday.
Practically everyday telling me what kind of cake she wanted and so forth.

Daddy was home, so we went ahead and opened gifts when he got home from the dump.

She had an interesting birthday list.
She wanted a surf board and a pig.
Well, not quite a surf board, but it is her size and she loved it.

Later on, after our second T-ball game, 
we had the family over to help celebrate.
Its tough on a weeknight..but since we don't have any free weekends...guess it has to do!

Hard to see here, but she is holding her own jar of pickles!
She loves pickles.

She also got a pig, by the way.
I must have missed that in the pictures.

Her Tinkerbell cake.
I guess you can sorta see the resemblance..??
It saved me the trouble anyway of having to buy a special pan and/or put to use my meager decorating skills.

Cake, candles...


Happy Birthday, Missy!
We love you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, we had our meeting last night and it is in the works.

After much prayer and consideration and discussion and prayer and consideration and discussion and....

We are officially in the process of transferring our membership from our former church to our new church.

Pardon the picture.  It was taken months the rain..through a windshield.

It was a very difficult decision to make.
And it is bittersweet.
We were happy in our former church.
It is where we came to faith, where we met, where our children were baptized, where we have family and friends, where we grew spiritually...the list could go on.
The problem, you ask?
It was 60+ miles one way.
That was a biggie.

(plus, have you looked at the gas prices of late?  enough said. :( )

Our "new" church--
takes us about 20 minutes to get there.
There are differences.  It is not the same denomination.  However, it is a Bible-believing and preaching church complete with a Christian family..albeit, a much smaller family.  AND...interestingly enough...a predominantly DUTCH family!  
Who would have thunk it!  lol

While we miss our former church family (and we still hope to stay in contact), it is a blessing to be able to worship with more of God's people in this locale.  It has transformed our Sundays from being a crazy-rush around, TIRING, what it should really be like--a day of REST.

We look forward to being involved here, in a way that it was virtually impossible to before, especially with a young family.

So, here's to change.

And growth.

 Keeping you in our prayers and coveting yours for us.....

Thursday, April 5, 2012


 T-ball time has come!!

Granted, it was only the first practice, 
but it was obvious, Michael had a great time and can't wait for the next one.
He can run super-fast in his new cleats! ;)

A couple of laps around the diamond.
(Once again, he is the tallest one.  Where DOES that come from?)

Batting practice!
Go, Michael!

They broke the all the kids that signed up into four teams with about nine players per team.
So everyone gets a chance to do everything..nice.
Michael is on team four..or what was formerly known as team four. 
They "voted" and named themselves the "Sharks."
We were kind of afraid they were going to be the TigerSharkCheetahAlligator (etc.) team, but the Coach had it under control and it worked out. 
  I only heard one voice of complaint after the final vote.

We're excited..and this is something that Michael really has potential to excel at.
I'm sure you will be hearing more about it as we and all.