Saturday, June 20, 2009


And a lil bit of Michael Jacob...
She was just too cute...we thought we'd share..

Pretty necklace & bracelet. ;)


As promised...more pictures of our progress in taking down trees. These pictures are in no particular order and encompass two days of work, one at the end of May and one mid-June. We've had many willing hands, and for that we give much thanks to all--Dad, Harry, Dad, Donny, Steven, Joey, Matt, Joe, Chris...did I forget anyone? If so, I apologize. If you'd like your name included there, let me know--we'll be sure to schedule another "work day" for sometime in the near future. :) As we all know, many hands make light work.

Enjoy the video.........

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A new nephew!! Cole Brayden was born yesterday morning...the first child of Bryon & Linda. We hear mommy & baby are doing well. We hope to meet little Cole tonight. Congratulations are also in order for Bill--He graduated 2 weeks ago and is now a firefighter with the DCFD.

Congratulations all around!

Monday, June 15, 2009


On Friday, it ended up being quite a nice day after all the rain--so out we went!! We tried to go to Lodestar--but they were having some kind of event there and it was REALLY crowded. So instead we took a ride over to Tranquility where Aunt Sheri & baby Star and Aunt Essie & Eric met us to play....
What a yummy shoe!

It was quite toasty in the sun, as Rena's cheeks will show.

She enjoyed going down the slide on her own.

Michael spent most of his time in the sand. Someone left a whole bunch of trucks and sand toys there to play was great!

Our little diva...

Later that day, after a very brief diaper change/feeding stop at Mimi & Poppop's, we headed over to Swartswood State Park for a 6-Pack "reunion"...well, almost. Lis wasn't able to make it due to Bunco...She is also taking some college courses ..
Kathy & Quentin--wrapping up the school year, little "Q" looking to walk..

Quite the center of attention he is... Erin is expecting twins in the next couple of months...
Kristi is up in Long Island for a few weeks working and also just got engaged..
Meredith moved to Florida in May....
and I have a new baby..

Something going on with everyone. It was nice to see (almost) everyone--though rather irritating that the Ranger kicked us out early. For what reason, I have no idea. It was not even dusk yet!!!!!!!!!!

We went down by the lake, before everyone was there--I didn't realize the sand was muck!!! Due to all the rain it was just a mess! The kids got pretty filthy, Rena especially.

Thankfully kids and clothes clean up pretty well.

It was a pretty full day and I had some very exhausted little tots by the end of it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009



Here are some photos of some of the creatures that like to hang around....

We haven't been able to get a picture of the bears yet--but they are definitely here. Our garbage pails can testify to that.



Last week Thursday, I believe, we took a drive to go see Aunt Essie and Eric...and the horses!!

We walked around by the barns and even saw some people riding...

Neither of the kids wanted to get too close though...