Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, we finally got to see baby Isabella.

She is just over a month old, and between sickness in our house and other events..
we were not able to see her previously.

She is a peanut.

And a champion sleeper.

The other kids were playing quite loudly and she slept soundly right through it.

She looks a bit different than her sister did as a baby.

Rian looked like a giant.

Big sister, er Princess, Sophia

You can see by the toys they were playing with, that it was not quiet!
Plus, Rian had to empty the coffee table of any and all items that were on it..
making a lovely racket on the wood floor!

Finally, she woke up.
But she wouldn't look at me..
there was something else over there that was far more interesting.


(not that I blame her!)

I'm glad we were finally able to meet you, little one!
We're looking forward to some playdates this summer!


Such as,
hot water.

Remember a couple of weeks ago,
I had commented about Mike putting in a new hot water heater..
Well it worked great.

For a week.

Then for 3 days we were without hot water..
It was a Saturday, so no service was available until Monday.

We made do.

Ah, but it is so nice to have it hot right out of the faucet.

A small daily convenience that often we forget to be thankful for.

So many little things that make our lives what they are today and really we would be so bereft without..

(so does that make them NOT "little" things??)

Anyway, I resolve to be more thankful for the "little" things.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We were waiting and waiting..
I had stopped at a second-hand store to see if they had any safety rails..
the lady said they were coming in and put my name down to give me a call when they came in.
This was weeks ago.

Finally, after no calls and debating whether to just buy new ones..
Mike came up with a new solution.
So, we changed Carina's bed from a crib to toddler bed.

Michael helped.

Rian really wanted to help.

Big girl.

(if only she would get potty trained already!!  grr..)

We had some wood in the basement..
so rather than buying a rail--
Mike made one.
And it works great.

 Maybe one day we'll stain it so it matches.

All ready for bed with her millions of stuffed animals.

She has been doing a fantastic job in the new bed.
She hasn't climbed out once
(during the night that is).


We have lots of birthday in March.

3, 4, 7, 12...and that is just immediate family.
In fact, today is Rebecca's birthday. 
 Happy Birthday!
Aunt Chara is next week..
the list goes on.

Anyway, due to the events surrounding Poppop (see previous post)
we did not celebrate the birthdays when we had planned to.

Here are a few from when we were able to throw together a get-together.
Aunt Susan had returned with Nena & Mom from Puerto Rico,
and she was headed back to the airport on this morning.
We had about an hour and a half.
(Actually, they got to the airport and found out her flight was cancelled due to the weather--
so she ended up staying an extra week)

Estrella decided to wrestle the bear.
I think she won.

Hastily prepared cake.

Story time.


Checking out pictures from Puerto Rico.

The kids.

The boys were being so cooperative.

Nice do!


Even with the surrounding circumstances,
we hope you all had a nice birthday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Poppop & Opoe

December 2009

Donald T. Van De Moere Sr.
Born April 9, 1937

"Donald T. VanDeMoere Sr., 72, of Wantage, died Sunday, March 14, 2010,
at Overlook Hospital in Summit.

Born in Fairlawn, Mr. Van De Moere was a lifelong Sussex County resident.
He was a Weigh Master at the SCMUA in Lafayette for 13 years before his retirement at the age of 69.
He was previously a self-employed dairy farmer in Sparta, then worked for Umbrian Farm in Lafayette for 14 years, then worked for Hyper-Humus in Lafayette for 17 years.

The son of the late Theodore and Vera Reith Van De Moere, Mr. Van De Moere is survived by his wife of 50 years, Nancy L. Van De Moere; five children, Donald T. Van De Moere Jr., and his wife, Sherrie, of Fredon Township, Daniel Van De Moere and his wife, Robin, of Hampton Township, David Van De Moere of Wantage, Diana L. Garris and her husband, Joe, of Stillwater, and Denise A. Bush and her husband, Adrian, of Wantage; twenty-seven grandchildren, Stacie, Donald III, Steven, Joseph, Sherilyn, Stefanie, Melanie, Allison, Daniel, Nicholas, Faith, Harley, Joseph Jr., Rebekah, Andrew, Mark, Sarah, Rachel, Timothy, Hannah, Joshua, Jacob, Amanda, Rachel, Jessica, Heather, Jason; eight great-grandchildren; one brother, Theodore Van De Moere and his wife, Maddie, of Arizona; and one sister, Joyce Cosh and her husband, Harold, of Wantage."

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday at the Smith-McCracken Funeral Home, 63 High Street, Newton. Interment will follow in Frankford Plains Cemetery.
Visitation will be held Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m.

At the family’s request, please do not send flowers. Online condolences may be offered at

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The other day, we went to visit Eric (and Aunt Essie & Zachary) in their new house..
While we had been there before, Michael slept the whole time,
so it was his first time seeing the new house.

Couldn't keep her away from the stairs!

Time for a snack!

Cookies and Grapes...
perfect kid food.

Zachary just got to watch.
He had his snack later.

4 months old.
He looks a lot like Steven did as a baby, if you ask me.

Cousin-ly kisses

Afterwards, I had some tired kids!!!

Thanks for having us over!


Another 5 year anniversary.

Today, 5 years ago, in Grand Rapids, Michigan..
amidst a raging blizzard--
well, that was mostly during the reception, if I remember correctly,
Duane & Mary were joined together as husband and wife.

Duane & his parents

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Awaiting his bride

Here she comes

Mr. & Mrs.!!

Don & Daryl
(twin brothers of the groom)

Don't know.

We had punch duty, along with Rachel and Mark.

Some music.
Compliments of Dan.

A skit.
I think by the pitchers of water sitting there,
this one was about when Duane went to have "THE TALK" with Mary's father.



The happy couple.

Happy 5 years!
 May many more happy & healthy ones come your way.