Thursday, April 29, 2010


The reception, as already mentioned, was in the FRC fellowship hall.

It looked very nice.

A familiar look, no?

Some last minute tips on food stuff.

Hors d'oeuvres

Dan prepping for the slide show


Some of the tasks each table was assigned

Instead of kissing when were clinked..
they added a little twist.
Each couple in attendance was numbered and the Bride & Groom would choose a
number each time the clinking started...
the couple whose number was called had to kiss first
in order for the bride & groom to kiss.

Pastor Lipsy and his mother.


Head Table

This, just after Hannah dumped a glass of water on her uncle.

Random shot.
A camera.
But not.


Speech by the Maid & Matron of Honor

Our MCs for the evening.

A song from Andy..

A song from the Lipsy family

Cutting the Cake..

It only got a little bit messy! ;)

The happy couple.

Again, congratulations to Curt & Joanna..
I hope your wedding day was all you ever dreamed,
you are enjoying Mexico..
and settle in nicely in KY.
Safe travels.
Be sure to keep in touch.

If anyone would like to check out their blog:


On to the ceremony.
April 24th's weather was beautiful, by the way.
The ceremony and reception were held at the FRC of Pompton Plains.

Terry & Joey were ushers.

The groom escorting Joanna's grandmother to her pew.
The only grandparent able to attend.

The girls getting ready.
For some reason, my camera was acting funny...
so I missed a few people.
I apologize.
I missed Beth in a bunch (it wasn't on purpose, I promise!!)
and I also didn't get any shots of Nathaniel & Ethan
(brother of the bride and brother of the groom)

The runner.

Flower girl, Olive.

Dum, Dum Dum Dum..
Here she comes.

The vows.

The kiss.

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Crick!

Maid of Honor and Best Man

Esther helped pass out programs and later..

Zachary came along while Eric got to stay home.

A bit of the receiving line.

Hannah was out from PA and came for the ceremony
then had some babysitting responsibilities.

Another Hannah..out from BC, Canada..with her mommy.
Nice to see you!!

A passing (blurry) shot of the flowers.