Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Meet Heidi.  We indeed "bit the bullet."  There are some things in life that I don't think you can really ever be fully prepared for until they happen..children and puppies being among them.  Heidi needed a home, we wanted a dog (eventually)--the opportunity arose...no better time than the present, I guess. (She has one brother left in need of a home if anyone is interested)

Heidi is a 10 week old purebred German Shorthair Pointer.  They are bird dogs.  Though, first she is a pet.  We always knew we wanted a puppy..someday.  Well, I guess someday has arrived.  We brought Heidi home last night.  She did suprisingly well overnight..though this morning, she is not too happy to be outside.  Welcome to the family, Heidi!!                                                               

Monday, August 30, 2010


Jamie sent this picture out today.
Before you get excited, no.  Can't get pictures yet.  :(

But some exciting news!  We have a new niece (and cousin)!!

Victoria Jeen was born this morning, weighing in at
8lbs 9oz and 19 inches long.  We haven't been to
visit yet (planning to go later on), but I'm going
to try some pics on my phone and then going that route..
no promises.

 Another picture, after visiting.  
Sorry, I don't know how to rotate it at this point in time.  
Little Victoria...she is on the shorter side so you can definitely see some "chub" on her.  :)  She goes home, Lord willing, on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So, as you can see, still no success getting the computer to recognize the camera.  If any of you can help--it would be much appreciated.  It is really quite frustrating.  The website tells me that there are no drivers necessary to download, the software seems to be in working order...I just don't know.  But then, I've never claimed to be fully computer-literate.  If anyone is familiar with Macs give us a shout--

Anyway, summer is just about over. Some "things" that have been happening:

Michael turned 4.

He has started asking when school is coming.  He is definitely excited to go back.

We're contemplating getting a puppy. (again)

Nola had her second litter of kittens.  (If you would like one, let me know)  This will probably be it..since we're going to look into having her spayed. 

Baby Cam is doing well as far as we can tell..less than 100 days to go.  Time to start sorting clothes and such to see what we need.  Again, a different season--but hopefully we'll have some clothing overlap.  It is getting increasingly difficult to bend over or get up from soft chairs..

While it is nice to have a summer baby, I'm rather thankful that this one is due to come in the fall.  All the humidity just is not sitting well with me this time around.  I can't imagine having another body hanging on me for a good portion of the time in this heat!!

Our church is in the process of purchasing a building on Boonton Ave.  If this happens, we'll definitely be cutting down on miles (nice!!) but, we'll see what happens timewise.

My sister and her husband bought a house in Hopatcong..they're moving in soon.

Baby Van De Moere is due pretty much anytime now..another cousin!!!  :)

As of December, I'm no longer going to be selling Premier.  So--if you would like to host a party or have a catalog show, let me know asap.  It would be great to "go out with a bang."

We just attended a wedding as "B-list" guests.  One more wedding for the summer. 

Still working on potty-training Carina.  Though in a more relaxed way.   She is a tough nut.  Maybe Rian will train first.  She loves to sit on the potty. : /

Rian is really trying to talk more--she has quite a few words and communicates well non-verbally..but she is making an effort to use words now.  She is really a little monkey.  She is not afraid of doing things at all.  We go to the playground and she is right there with the bigger kids..dangerous!

Made more pickles this year..next I'd like to try jelly. 

Okay, thats enough for now.  Someday pictures will come.