Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Last week we had a LONG overdue playdate with some friends of ours.
It had been rescheduled..um..3 times?
So, when the forecast called for rain we said, no problem-game on.
When we started driving to our meeting point and it was pretty much  pouring...we were hesitant,
 but pressed on.  
Keep in mind this was an outdoor playdate at a meeting spot about halfway between our homes.
I got to the park first and it was still raining pretty good not to mention the playground was SOAKED and riddled with puddles.

An advantage to having a super-sized van..
we were able to eat our lunch in the back in comfort.  LOL.

An advantage to having a rainy (it did clear up, for the record) playdate..
we had the whole HUGE park to ourselves!

I have to admit, I am getting rather sick of taking pictures with my phone.
I take far less.
Sometimes not even taking any at all.
I had intentions of taking some pictures of all the kiddies..but alas!
It didn't happen.

Oh well.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Notice the ring on that finger?
Yup!  Lord willing, another wedding in our near future!

 Steven and Kira!!


It has begun.

Friday, August 16, 2013


We have a new member of our household.
Meet Smally.

Michael received some gift cards to a pet store for his birthday 
and last week Mike took him to pick out a new pet.

Smally is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster.
See that wheel?
We now know that hamsters are nocturnal and "squeak, squeak" is all we hear all night!
He is pretty tiny and easy to take care of.
Completely Michael's responsibility.

Photo: Michael spent his birthday money

So far, so good.


9 months today.
Baby boy is in that frightful stage of exploration where he pulls himself up on everything imaginable but doesn't know how to stand solo yet..thus resulting in lots of bumps and bruises.
He has full reign of the house.  We have taken to closing the bathroom door again.  Why is it that kids gravitate to the bathroom as soon as they are able to move independently??
He is 19 lbs 12 oz.
I know that because we had to visit the doctor yesterday.
He has bronchitis.
Our official 9 month visit is next week.
He has a ton of teeth, so we really have to be careful what we give him as he doesn't chew all that well yet.
Still mostly nursing with some food, baby as well as table, mixed in there.
He is becoming more vocal..(he says Mama, but I don't think he really knows what he is saying yet ;) )
EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.
I vacuum at least once a day, but now I need to be even more vigilant for little crumbs or scraps of paper etc. throughout the day, because its a sure bet that little boy will find them.
He also loves his brothers and sisters.
He gives them such big grins when they go to play with him..especially Michael. 

Happy 9 months!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Once again, our plans were changed.
I'm glad we can "go with the flow."
The kids get it and don't get upset with changed plans, 
even if it something that they (we) have been looking forward to. 
 For this, I am thankful.

What a day it has been!
Baby boy is really pushing my limits.
I am not a baby-wearer.
Except sometimes.
I am not a co-sleeper.
Except sometimes.

I say this because he is only happy when held (by me and me only) and 
will only sleep if I am right next to him.
(nighttime is the exception, and for this I am very thankful as well!!)
Currently, this does not work for me.

I have four other children, all of whom have needs.
Baby boy doesn't get that.
Baby boy expects to be held 24/7.
Baby boy has decided that napping isn't cool.
Baby boy is currently on a food strike..or something of a food strike.
He'll eat graham crackers.
Baby boy thinks that if I am not right next to him, disaster is going to strike and so lets everyone know it.
He won't even play quietly at my feet.
He has to be climbing all over me or be held.

I will admit it.
This is making me cranky.
I can get nothing done.
I know it is only for a season and it will pass..
but right now, though I love him dearly, he is making me a bit nutty.

Children 1-4 allowed me a good chunk of time in the afternoon at some point to get things done.
At LEAST 2 hours.
Not this boy.

While I don't like to let my children "cry it out," I may have to resort to this if something doesn't change in the very near future.  Babies cry.  As long as he is fed, clean, and not hurt..*shrug*
Again, not my preferred method of parenting, but as of late the other kids are getting the short end of the stick.  We'll see.

I don't like e-books.
I don't like reading articles or books online or on some kind of digital device.
There look to be so many good ones out there, but the format just turns me off.
Just  for the record.

I like salad.
Salad meaning lettuce and other veggies, sometimes some chicken and/or cheese.
I could eat salad every day.
I do eat it often and sometimes solo.
Having a garden is great.
Doesn't work too well in the winter months though.
I don't sit on my butt all day.
Granted I don't go to a gym or necessarily stick to a rigid exercise program, but come on!
Why won't the pounds come off?

I have been really seriously thinking about un-schooling.
Now, this is not what it sounds like.
It is not an entire lack of "school" or education.
It IS child-led education with "controlled suggestions."
 It is maybe buying a math curriculum and using the library for the rest, because math really needs to be more structured, in my opinion.
Anyway, I may still debate this...at this point I don't think I'm brave enough.
Ha!  Two years ago, I would not have even ENTERTAINED the idea.
What do you think about un-schooling?

Check out this article.

According to this author, my kids are doing JUST FINE!

*Note, this post is not a complaint (except for the pounds part!) or a call for help or even advice.  It just is.*

Monday, August 5, 2013


I can hardly believe that I just typed that.
Where did summer go?
The weather is not helping either.
While beautiful, it is certainly not summer-like weather.
Feels more like Fall to me and it has been downright chilly at night, bona fide sweatshirt weather!

I know I owe you a bunch of posts..pool, baby, zoo etc. etc. buuuuuuuuuut not today.
Today I'm just rambling.
July flew by.
I'm sure August is right behind it..we have something going on pretty much every weekend this month too!

Last week, we attend the 3rd (?) annual pig roast.
Last week, we met one of our new nieces for the first time.
Last week, we had the privilege of meeting Kira and Tayvan from Idaho.
Steven was out for a week and just happened to bring them along.  ;)
Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating my grandparent's anniversary--
55 years of "wedded bliss."

Last week, we had planned to go to the fair with the kids and were rained out twice!
Ever have a day where your plans change more than 3 times?
Yeah, that was Saturday.
Due to the weather, we ended up going out to Cabelas.
It was a long overdue trip.
Mike had a gift card from 2 years ago??
The kids had a good time.

Today, I had 15 kids running around the yard, with 3 moms (myself included) to supervise.
I've been able to connect with some local homeschool families that have kids the same ages.
I'm glad it was a nice day, because 15 kids + my little house = disaster!

Speaking of school, I'm working on mentally preparing but as far as physically preparing--yeah, not happening.  I'm looking forward to this coming school year, but I'm not prepared yet.  Granted, I still have a few weeks since we don't start until after Labor Day..but the clock is definitely ticking.

Have a good night!