Friday, August 16, 2013


9 months today.
Baby boy is in that frightful stage of exploration where he pulls himself up on everything imaginable but doesn't know how to stand solo yet..thus resulting in lots of bumps and bruises.
He has full reign of the house.  We have taken to closing the bathroom door again.  Why is it that kids gravitate to the bathroom as soon as they are able to move independently??
He is 19 lbs 12 oz.
I know that because we had to visit the doctor yesterday.
He has bronchitis.
Our official 9 month visit is next week.
He has a ton of teeth, so we really have to be careful what we give him as he doesn't chew all that well yet.
Still mostly nursing with some food, baby as well as table, mixed in there.
He is becoming more vocal..(he says Mama, but I don't think he really knows what he is saying yet ;) )
EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.
I vacuum at least once a day, but now I need to be even more vigilant for little crumbs or scraps of paper etc. throughout the day, because its a sure bet that little boy will find them.
He also loves his brothers and sisters.
He gives them such big grins when they go to play with him..especially Michael. 

Happy 9 months!

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