Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Once again, our plans were changed.
I'm glad we can "go with the flow."
The kids get it and don't get upset with changed plans, 
even if it something that they (we) have been looking forward to. 
 For this, I am thankful.

What a day it has been!
Baby boy is really pushing my limits.
I am not a baby-wearer.
Except sometimes.
I am not a co-sleeper.
Except sometimes.

I say this because he is only happy when held (by me and me only) and 
will only sleep if I am right next to him.
(nighttime is the exception, and for this I am very thankful as well!!)
Currently, this does not work for me.

I have four other children, all of whom have needs.
Baby boy doesn't get that.
Baby boy expects to be held 24/7.
Baby boy has decided that napping isn't cool.
Baby boy is currently on a food strike..or something of a food strike.
He'll eat graham crackers.
Baby boy thinks that if I am not right next to him, disaster is going to strike and so lets everyone know it.
He won't even play quietly at my feet.
He has to be climbing all over me or be held.

I will admit it.
This is making me cranky.
I can get nothing done.
I know it is only for a season and it will pass..
but right now, though I love him dearly, he is making me a bit nutty.

Children 1-4 allowed me a good chunk of time in the afternoon at some point to get things done.
At LEAST 2 hours.
Not this boy.

While I don't like to let my children "cry it out," I may have to resort to this if something doesn't change in the very near future.  Babies cry.  As long as he is fed, clean, and not hurt..*shrug*
Again, not my preferred method of parenting, but as of late the other kids are getting the short end of the stick.  We'll see.

I don't like e-books.
I don't like reading articles or books online or on some kind of digital device.
There look to be so many good ones out there, but the format just turns me off.
Just  for the record.

I like salad.
Salad meaning lettuce and other veggies, sometimes some chicken and/or cheese.
I could eat salad every day.
I do eat it often and sometimes solo.
Having a garden is great.
Doesn't work too well in the winter months though.
I don't sit on my butt all day.
Granted I don't go to a gym or necessarily stick to a rigid exercise program, but come on!
Why won't the pounds come off?

I have been really seriously thinking about un-schooling.
Now, this is not what it sounds like.
It is not an entire lack of "school" or education.
It IS child-led education with "controlled suggestions."
 It is maybe buying a math curriculum and using the library for the rest, because math really needs to be more structured, in my opinion.
Anyway, I may still debate this point I don't think I'm brave enough.
Ha!  Two years ago, I would not have even ENTERTAINED the idea.
What do you think about un-schooling?

Check out this article.

According to this author, my kids are doing JUST FINE!

*Note, this post is not a complaint (except for the pounds part!) or a call for help or even advice.  It just is.*

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