Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Last week we had a LONG overdue playdate with some friends of ours.
It had been rescheduled..um..3 times?
So, when the forecast called for rain we said, no problem-game on.
When we started driving to our meeting point and it was pretty much  pouring...we were hesitant,
 but pressed on.  
Keep in mind this was an outdoor playdate at a meeting spot about halfway between our homes.
I got to the park first and it was still raining pretty good not to mention the playground was SOAKED and riddled with puddles.

An advantage to having a super-sized van..
we were able to eat our lunch in the back in comfort.  LOL.

An advantage to having a rainy (it did clear up, for the record) playdate..
we had the whole HUGE park to ourselves!

I have to admit, I am getting rather sick of taking pictures with my phone.
I take far less.
Sometimes not even taking any at all.
I had intentions of taking some pictures of all the kiddies..but alas!
It didn't happen.

Oh well.

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