Monday, August 5, 2013


I can hardly believe that I just typed that.
Where did summer go?
The weather is not helping either.
While beautiful, it is certainly not summer-like weather.
Feels more like Fall to me and it has been downright chilly at night, bona fide sweatshirt weather!

I know I owe you a bunch of posts..pool, baby, zoo etc. etc. buuuuuuuuuut not today.
Today I'm just rambling.
July flew by.
I'm sure August is right behind it..we have something going on pretty much every weekend this month too!

Last week, we attend the 3rd (?) annual pig roast.
Last week, we met one of our new nieces for the first time.
Last week, we had the privilege of meeting Kira and Tayvan from Idaho.
Steven was out for a week and just happened to bring them along.  ;)
Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating my grandparent's anniversary--
55 years of "wedded bliss."

Last week, we had planned to go to the fair with the kids and were rained out twice!
Ever have a day where your plans change more than 3 times?
Yeah, that was Saturday.
Due to the weather, we ended up going out to Cabelas.
It was a long overdue trip.
Mike had a gift card from 2 years ago??
The kids had a good time.

Today, I had 15 kids running around the yard, with 3 moms (myself included) to supervise.
I've been able to connect with some local homeschool families that have kids the same ages.
I'm glad it was a nice day, because 15 kids + my little house = disaster!

Speaking of school, I'm working on mentally preparing but as far as physically preparing--yeah, not happening.  I'm looking forward to this coming school year, but I'm not prepared yet.  Granted, I still have a few weeks since we don't start until after Labor Day..but the clock is definitely ticking.

Have a good night!

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