Monday, November 30, 2009

10 YEARS..

Saturday evening, we went to my 10 year high school reunion. It was at the Holiday Inn in Newton. Well, it was rather lame. Too much $$ for...what?? No open bar (not that that is a big deal to me), soda was $2 a glass (we drank water), not even a cake!!! Ummm????

Abby and her fiance' and Alison and her husband

Dinner... while the food was decent, it was definitely not $60 worth.

Brian and Mike went up for 2 and even 3 helpings to try and make it more than a $20 meal... ;)

Erin and Tom's first night out since the twins have been born, I believe.

Lis actually moved earlier that day into her new house..congrats!

Lis, Amanda, Erin

Jesse and his wife, Jessie

Lis & Kathy

6 pack, minus 2.

Mike thinks he is funny.

THIS was the dessert.


Erin, Lis, Me, Kathy, Amanda, & Jessica (in the front)

My Senior Picture...and name tag

Dominic and his wife.
I took the picture, cause they had a DJ--Mr. Kandell, of all people, but the dance floor was not used cept for this time and one other to come. The music was so loud it made it hard to hold a conversation.. :(

Some group shots.

There was hardly anyone there...

Yet, when you looked around the room--it was the same groups as it was back then.

For the most part, people were friendly.

Brian is deep in thought.

Baby Belardo #2 is cooking..a few more months to go.


Being silly.

Dana & I

The other time the dance floor was used.

Dave and his wife

Matt & his girlfriend

Us. As we get ready to leave.

I shouldn't complain, we got a night out. Definitely something out of the ordinary.

And that was that.

Till next time.


After a visit with the Rose side...we headed to my parents.



Rian Munchies..
The Tables...prior to being fully set.

Baby Zachary sleeping on his Mommy's tummy.

Michael and Eric thought it was fun to play under the table..

Michael holding his baby cousin

Eric going in for a kiss..


I like this one:
Now, who could be under there?? Michael n Rena!!

All the girls matched.

Trying to get a shot with all the kids...this was the best of the worst.

Fast Bunny & Rena

Michael and Eric "playing" Wii..

..just like the big boys.