Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I asked Carina to put her pajamas into the basket this morning.

She did.
After emptying out all of the stuffed animals and dolls.

Guess I should have specified the LAUNDRY  basket.

In other news, potty training, which at first seemed so promising..
has flopped.

Anyone have new strategies??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


That is what this little miss is up to.
To get to the organ pedals..(which are "blocked off" by the way)..
she had to move the toys, navigate the end of the pedals, and climb over a rail.
Obviously, she had no problems..and she did it relatively quietly,
cause I turn around and there she was.
Not just once.

The stinker!


Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday.

I won't tell you how old she is.
How old do you think she is?
Betcha you're wrong.

She is taking a trip to Puerto Rico to reunite with relatives next month.

Sounds like a nice time.

Zachary is getting so big!


Playing nice..

We hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Wishing you many more..

Monday, February 22, 2010


It was that time of year again...our turn to clean the church.

Down we trekked on Saturday morning.
Expedition packed to the gills with baby items, toys, food, and cleaning products.

Always a big job..we got there at a bit after 11am and left after 3pm.


This is where I (and sometimes Mike) sit with the kids once they get too loud
and/or squirmy for the "cry room"..till they can sit well enough to be in the sanctuary.
As you may have gathered from previous posts, we are anti-nursery.
Not to say that anyone is doing the wrong thing by using it.
Again, one of these days, I'll explain our position.

A brief pause for lunch.

Back to work.

Just wait till they get a little bit older and can really be of help!!
It'll cut our time down to half!

Tired n' cranky kids..

time to head home.

Til next February rolls around.


Now hanging on our living room wall.

Mike's first trophy.

He shot it back in the fall..and picked it up on Friday from the taxidermist.

It really is a pretty bird.

I wonder though,
is this the start of something new??
Am I going to end up with elk heads on my walls??!!

ADAM & MARISA.. married this past Friday.
I didn't get too many pictures..or really any good ones. 
But here is some of what I have.

Our ride.

The ceremony was down at the First Reformed Chuch on the Newark Pompton Turnpike.
Pastor Smith officiating.

Aunt Roberta (mother of the groom) looked good.

All those troublemakers up in the front.  ;)

Stained glass..

Gisella played the piano.

Awaiting his bride..

Scripture reading:  1 Corinthians 13: 1-8
"Leave, Cleave, One"


The kiss.

The reception followed at Trinity Baptist Church..

Bride getting her food.

Guests getting their food.
Food was good, by the way.

In order to get the bride & groom to kiss
 (since there were plastic cups and utensils)
one had to snag the microphone and sing them a song containing the word "love."

Andrew sang the Barney theme song.

A few words from the newlyweds

A poem, written and read by Mr. & Mrs. Garza

Pretty lights.
Just like at our reception.

Congratulations, Adam & Marisa!!
All the best as you head down to Texas to begin your married life.


In the winter time we don't use our "front" entrance..simple reason being--
there are no steps and no walkway from the driveway to the front door.
Silly, isn't it? 
It is something we plan to remedy sometime in the next 50 years, Lord willing.

Anyway, so imagine our surprise one day, looking out the window..
 to find these monsters!!

Ah, winter.

Most of them are gone at this point, either knocked down or melted.
I'm surprised the gutters didn't fall down in the process...
Pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



There is something about this picture that I like.
(aside from the obvious)

Thought I would share.


The other night..Saturday night, I believe it was, we had some leftover chocolate sitting in the fridge.
And an open bag of pretzels. 

We mixed the two.
Resulting in...ta-da--chocolate covered pretzels.

I let Michael have the remainder of the chocolate.

He has not been this messy in a loooong time.
It required documentation.

It was promptly into the bath afterwards.


Yesterday, Michael had off from school due to President's Day...
and so did all the teachers!
So, we were able to get together with some friends.

Well, Sophia was supposed to come too..but instead she got a new sister!!
Isabella Jaclyn was born this morning.
She weighed in at 9.14lbs and 19"..
Congratulations, Lis & Josh!!

He is getting so big!
2 years old in 2 weeks or so..

And what is a playdate without a ton of toys all over the place?

Zachary & Lucas...
Also, growing quite nicely.



(I did get that right, right?)

All bundled up to go home..

Thanks for coming over to play!