Wednesday, September 24, 2014


After we visited Insectropolis, we headed towards home...and the beach!

We have not been to the ocean in about 3 1/2 years.

We couldn't NOT go, being THAT close.

It was a beautiful day..I figured we'd just play on the beach for an hour or two, maybe put our feet in and call it a day..


The kids had a blast!
Everyone got soaked to the skin.
It was fun just to watch them.
The water was surprisingly warm, as in if we had had our bathing suits, Mike probably would have went in too.
There were several people in the water.

Good thing I had extra clothes for all.  It would have been a miserable ride home otherwise.

Mike has a few more pictures I'll have to snag...but it was a really nice day.
I think everyone was hard pressed to decide which was better--the beach or the museum!
We will have to make a point of heading down the shore next summer.

Friday, September 19, 2014


While soccer is not our life, by any means--in a sense, soccer is our life.
We have practice four nights a week and then games on the weekend.
It is rather crazy.

The girls are on a team together and Michael is on a different team.
This is Rian's first year playing and she is a little bit in over her head.
She is the youngest on the team, but I just couldn't handle juggling three different teams.  Two is bad enough!  So, I pushed for her to be on the older team.
It'll build character, right?

Here are some shots from the first game the girl's had.
Mike took the girls and I went with Michael, since the games were in different towns and at the same time.

Big improvement on Carina's part this year!

The next picture is from what was SUPPOSED to be Michael's first game.
The other team cancelled at the last minute, so they won by forfeit.
Our whole team was there, so they kicked the ball around for awhile and then we cut out to catch the last half of the girl's game.

Michael is really enjoying soccer this year.

 The whole program is a bit different this year.
The kids have a professional trainer in practice and then parent coaches for the games..
We have a few issues with the whole organization, but at this point in time we will stick with it. 
 For the kids.

Just an aside, there are some who may ask why I do all this running and committing to the various extra-curriculars--I'll admit, it gets to be a lot.  I personally believe that these activities are JUST as important as academics in the education of my children.  They are exercising, learning teamwork, and many other skills through these activities.  This is why I will go through the hassle and inconvenience to myself.  Of course there is a point where one can take on too much, but honestly, I don't think we have crossed that line yet.  Just my two cents.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Last year's science curriculum was all about flying creatures, a large part of which were insects.
Soooo...what better place to visit than a BUG MUSEUM?!!


We waited until Mike had some time off, because it really is not close to home and made a day of it.
It was pretty cool.  We also had the place to ourselves.  Literally.
One of the perks of homeschooling and going on a weekday.

Lots of specimen.

I think Jared was especially happy we had the place to ourselves,
 because he was not then confined to a stroller.

Ick!  Imagine those suckers running around on your floors!

At the end we had a mini presentation and could actually touch 4 creepy crawlies.
A tarantula, scorpion, and a millipede..I forget what the other one was.
Did you know that scorpions turn blue under UV light?

While it was nice, it was also pretty small as far as museums go.
We were done and saw everything in an hour and a half.
It took longer to drive there.

So, unless you are planning to do something else in the area, I would not recommend traveling down just for that.

Good thing other plans up my sleeve!
I will save that for the next post though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 We have a new cousin/nephew!

He was born a couple weeks early and is a little peanut!

His name is Gideon, but one of his big brothers call him "Gilligan."

It just might stick.

Congratulations to the new family of six!