Thursday, September 18, 2014


Last year's science curriculum was all about flying creatures, a large part of which were insects.
Soooo...what better place to visit than a BUG MUSEUM?!!


We waited until Mike had some time off, because it really is not close to home and made a day of it.
It was pretty cool.  We also had the place to ourselves.  Literally.
One of the perks of homeschooling and going on a weekday.

Lots of specimen.

I think Jared was especially happy we had the place to ourselves,
 because he was not then confined to a stroller.

Ick!  Imagine those suckers running around on your floors!

At the end we had a mini presentation and could actually touch 4 creepy crawlies.
A tarantula, scorpion, and a millipede..I forget what the other one was.
Did you know that scorpions turn blue under UV light?

While it was nice, it was also pretty small as far as museums go.
We were done and saw everything in an hour and a half.
It took longer to drive there.

So, unless you are planning to do something else in the area, I would not recommend traveling down just for that.

Good thing other plans up my sleeve!
I will save that for the next post though.

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