Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Carina was the early riser on Saturday.
I got up to find her like this.

We ended up changing the time on our ferry reservation so we could go
check out the carousel in Oak Bluffs.
The kids enjoyed it.
It is the oldest carousel in America.

Originally it was located in Coney Island.
There wasn't really any room to move around while waiting for the ride to be completed.
So, I didn't get any really good pictures.

But they had fun.

We had a quick lunch on the grass by the car...

...and were off to the ferry.
We actually went to the wrong location at first.
But no worries, we made our boat.

And a few stops and several hours later,
we arrived home.
I think it was around 8pm when we pulled in.

It was nice to getaway for a bit..
and the house was great!
I'd take it any day over the one we live in..
though, not in that location.

Thanks again to those who made it possible!!!


On Friday, we went to Aquinnah and
the beach there.
It was quite nice.
There was a parking lot about a mile away
(maybe I exaggerate a little..but not much)
and we had to walk down.

Miss Carina walked incredibly slowly..
it took us probably a half hour to get down there.
Mike and Michael had gone ahead, so
I had the girls
Rena was pokey and Rian was trying to leap out of my arms...
made for an interesting walk.

Still not there!

I think this was the nicest beach that we went to.

Once again, it was pretty empty.
Though this one was more populated than the others we visited.

Mike and Michael made an alligator out of sand on top of the rock.
Of course, those pictures are on Mike's phone.

Daddy and the kids.
Course he turned around at just the moment the picture was snapped.
You can see part of the sand gator there..
several people stopped to look at it and comment.

Packing up..
Mike took Rian and went to get the car to pick us up somewhere closer.

One of the lighthouses.

She is actually just waving to the camera.
Nothing else going on, despite the face.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I guess I didn't take any pictures on Wednesday.
If I remember correctly, we went back to Oak Bluffs and walked around a bit..
with express purpose of finding the carousel.
(We did.  It was closed.  Till Saturday.  When we were headed home.)

Thursday, we went out to see the alpaca farm.

Alpacas do spit.
But its on a rare occasion.
Not like llamas.
They had a whole bunch of pregnant alpacas due to give birth at any minute.
But we did not get to witness it.
There were also some newborns, but they did not get close enough for a good picture.

Rather funny looking creatures.

They had the outdoor pens, inside the barn, and then a gift shop.
It was a bit too expensive to purchase anything.

Around here, generally, if you plan an outing it'll take at least half a day..
there--well, we tried to make it stretch to an hour.
And it was tough.
: p

Later after lunch,
we took the kids miniature golfing for the first time.

Rian did not play, but she helped hold Daddy's club.

Patiently waiting their turn.

Michael especially enjoyed mini golfing.

Pretty flowers.

For the most part, the kids did it all by themselves, but there were a few holes,
this one included, where Daddy lended a hand.
We didn't want the balls ending up in the water and going down the waterfall..

Okay, Rian did have her moment.

The last hole.
Where is the ball??

Michael couldn't find it either. :)

After golfing, we got some dinner..and took the
LONG route to Menemsha to see the sunset.
Supposedly it is on the to-do list when one visits Martha's Vineyard.

It was freezing!
We were going to get out of the car, but the kids and I stayed in
while Mike got out and took pictures.
There is our car.

Isn't God's creation awesome?!

There are 4 lighthouses on Martha's Vineyard, I believe.
We could see one shining from here.
No picture though.

Time for night-night!