Saturday, August 22, 2015


We headed to the County Fair the following week.
The 4-H kids got wristbands for admission, under 5 is free of charge, and Mike rode in on the firetruck, so that left my admission.  I can handle that!

One of the highlights of this fair is always the hot air balloons.

Face painting.

A clown and playing in the kid's tent.

Staying cool.
(It was a humid, sticky night!)

Yeah, you know it!

Each of the kids got to pick one ride.
I'm pretty sure that this was the first time Jared and Travis went on a ride.  
Travis always backed out previous years, if my memory serves me correctly.
I could be wrong.
Either way, they both enjoyed the cars.
I rather view these things as a big waste of money, but seeing the smiles made it worth it.

As this ride started, Michael and Rian were non too sure that they liked it.
Afterwards, Rian said she loved it and Michael said to remind him not to go on it again! 

Carina playing it safe!

We went over for the fire truck judging contest and hung out there for a bit.

They won 1st place for the engine.
Prizes were a trophy and money.

Then we all stopped for some ice cream,

and that was enough for one year.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Garden Club  met mid-July to prepare for the county fair.
There were weeds to remove, ground to be raked, and a pizza garden to plan and plant as well as pepperoni to paint.

Over the summer, each child had a plant to take care of at home.

We brought those plants to the fairgrounds to set up.

The finished product.
If you look closely, the "pizza" is divided up into slices.  Some of the plants included tomatoes, parsley, basil etc.  All pizza related.

We ended by actually eating pizza!

Next stop, county fair.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015