Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On Monday, we went to Swartswood State Park to celebrate the day as well as my birthday with was a beautiful day. Here are some shots--more to come.

These pictures are in no particular order...and most of them are from after everyone (both in our party and at the park--we were the last car to leave the parking lot) left cept us and we moved our location....we didn't leave till nearly 9pm. Like I said, the weather was BEAUTIFUL...the kids even got to spend some time in the water. Course those pictures are on my camera which has a dead battery. I'll get them soon.

I have no idea what Michael is looking at....

These were two tired kids...let me tell you. They desperately needed baths at we woke them up and Michael actually ended up falling asleep in the bath!!

Lunch for the kiddies...those who are able to sit at the table anyway...they all ended up eating from one another's plates. It was amusing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Shall We Call It?

Well, its been fun. 2 weeks after giving birth--Mike ended up taking me to the ER with some post-partum complications/concerns...and they admitted me, hooked me up to all sorts of ivs, and I wound up getting a D&C the following evening...Like I said, its been fun. The kids were not allowed to come visit at all..not even Rian--which meant I wasn't able to the poor girl probably had a shock to her digestive system being that I hadn't been pumping and she had to go on formula for a solid 24 hours...anyway, it was rough. But I was allowed to go home earlier than anticipated and it was on Mother's that was nice.

I'm very thankful that it worked out the way it did--all is God's hands. It could have been much more serious if we had waited any longer..I'm also very thankful that I have such a wonderful husband...He has been just a treasure--taking care of everything--taking some time off of work--chores..etc. Thank You. Also thank you to those of you who helped out in various ways. Muchas Gracias.
I went back to the doctor yesterday and she said all is looking well.

Here are some updated--though not the greatest--family shots. This was right after leaving the hospital (the second time around)

Silly Rena...Rena has a real fascination with shoes....she is always trying on someone's shoes...and if we can't find a pair, 3 guesses as to who moved them... :)A boy and his (borrowed) dog...Michael loves the dogs...maybe sometime in the (not-so-near) future we can add one to our family....Rena finally holding her little sister...with Michael looking on.

Rian Liya...wide awake. I think she looks a lil different than the other kids at this point.Happy Potty-Goers. We're working on it. "sigh"

Monday, May 4, 2009


After the excitement surrounding the birth of Carina, our (my) biggest thing this time around was making it to the hospital in time for delivery...

So when I started feeling something a little different than the "normal" Braxton-Hicks type thing--I woke Mike up and we decided to take a ride...we left home (after bundling the kids into the car--really really fast) at around midnight.

The hospital clocked us in at 12:55am and Rian Liya made her entrance at 1:08am on Saturday, April 25th. We made it to the hospital with 13 minutes to spare. THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!! I had the shower curtain in the car just in case... :)

Sherilyn met us at the hospital and took the kids (can't thank you enough)--No, they were not present for the birth.

Rian was born weighing 7lb13oz and 20 inches long--our smallest one yet. She has the most hair of all the kids. Here are some pics:

Moments after birth:

Later in the day after being cleaned up..

Rena, meet Rian. Carina has been having a bit of a rough time adjusting to having a new sister--but each day is a little bit better. She still has yet to hold Rian, but she loves touching her hands and hair.

Michael, meet Rian. What a good big brother!

The kids at the hospital.

ALL the kids at the hospital: Estrella, Michael, Rena, & was hot those days!!!

Ready to go home...what a peanut!!

Finally is amazing how much little ones change in the first few days and weeks..Rian is so far a pretty good sleeper. She is only up 1-2 times per night--I cannot complain about that, being she is only 9 days old!!!

We have certainly been blessed.

Gotta go..more to follow.