Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yesterday, we celebrated Rian's third birthday!

Is it time to open presents yet??
(This being first thing in the morning)

Three years old!
She had been sooooo excited for her birthday.
Practically everyday telling me what kind of cake she wanted and so forth.

Daddy was home, so we went ahead and opened gifts when he got home from the dump.

She had an interesting birthday list.
She wanted a surf board and a pig.
Well, not quite a surf board, but it is her size and she loved it.

Later on, after our second T-ball game, 
we had the family over to help celebrate.
Its tough on a weeknight..but since we don't have any free weekends...guess it has to do!

Hard to see here, but she is holding her own jar of pickles!
She loves pickles.

She also got a pig, by the way.
I must have missed that in the pictures.

Her Tinkerbell cake.
I guess you can sorta see the resemblance..??
It saved me the trouble anyway of having to buy a special pan and/or put to use my meager decorating skills.

Cake, candles...


Happy Birthday, Missy!
We love you!

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