Monday, April 30, 2012


Here are some shots from Michael's first T-ball game.

FYI, they don't play outs in T-ball..nor do they keep score..everyone has a chance to bat.
It is all about LEARNING the game.
And its fun.
Its fun watching the kids learn.

Unfortunately, Michael's allergies have hit..
so, here you can see him rubbing his eyes.  :(
I forgot the eye drops that day..but rest assured, they now stay in my purse!

The teams are fairly small this year, so the kids get moved around from position to position often.
Michael at first base.


One of the girls had to go to the we got a shot from the other side!
Now he is near the pitcher's mound.

Tonight they are going to start pitching to the kids rather than just using the tee.

Made it to first!


A faithful fan.
He has only tried to run onto the field three or four times!  ;)

Next stop home!
Nothing like having a bunch of kids in the baseline....

Gotta love all the antics in the background..

Made it home!

Shaking hands with the other team

Woo hoo!  
Go Sharks!!

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