Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, we had our meeting last night and it is in the works.

After much prayer and consideration and discussion and prayer and consideration and discussion and....

We are officially in the process of transferring our membership from our former church to our new church.

Pardon the picture.  It was taken months the rain..through a windshield.

It was a very difficult decision to make.
And it is bittersweet.
We were happy in our former church.
It is where we came to faith, where we met, where our children were baptized, where we have family and friends, where we grew spiritually...the list could go on.
The problem, you ask?
It was 60+ miles one way.
That was a biggie.

(plus, have you looked at the gas prices of late?  enough said. :( )

Our "new" church--
takes us about 20 minutes to get there.
There are differences.  It is not the same denomination.  However, it is a Bible-believing and preaching church complete with a Christian family..albeit, a much smaller family.  AND...interestingly enough...a predominantly DUTCH family!  
Who would have thunk it!  lol

While we miss our former church family (and we still hope to stay in contact), it is a blessing to be able to worship with more of God's people in this locale.  It has transformed our Sundays from being a crazy-rush around, TIRING, what it should really be like--a day of REST.

We look forward to being involved here, in a way that it was virtually impossible to before, especially with a young family.

So, here's to change.

And growth.

 Keeping you in our prayers and coveting yours for us.....

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Anonymous said...

really miss seeing you!!!!!!!!