Saturday, May 30, 2015


Well, the season is just about wrapped up.
We have about a week or so left.
This was Michael's 2nd year in playing baseball.

This year both girls played softball for the first time.
The softball program was a bit more rigorous than baseball, surprisingly! 
They started indoors at the end of March and finished last week.
Baseball still has a few more games.
It was a good experience and I think both girls enjoyed it, even more so than T-ball.

I think Mike has more pictures somewhere.  
I'll have to pester him.

 It is always with mixed feelings we end a season--yay for more time and less running around, but it is nice to see the kids enjoying the activities and teammates too.
For some reason, even though it started early, this season went really fast!
It was fun.
Til next year!

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