Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Softball ended earlier this month with dinner at the park and a parent versus player softball game.
Oh yeah, awards too.

Coach  made up special awards for the girls, including something like "The Speedy Award,"  "The Strong Arm Award," "The Most Improved Award," and such..focusing on a strength or skill each girl had or worked on during the season.  

Missy received "Slugger of the Year."

They got a certificate, cookie decorated like a softball, and a trophy.  A nice added touch was an actual softball for each girl to keep signed by all the teammates.  

After dinner and awards, it was parents/siblings versus the team for a couple of innings.

It was actually a really nice way to end the season, plus the weather was nice.

There was a playground right there for those too young to play as well.

The girls were a bit outnumbered, but it was all in good fun!
Good job this season!!

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