Thursday, January 16, 2014


Today, my baby boy is 14 months old.

He is still not walking.
My latest walker.
Now, he is cruising along furniture and will walk holding hands..
in addition to climbing on--or IN--EVERYTHING!!
(including pots)

Well, he did take 3 steps solo, between Mike and I.
He gets excited to walk, but he gets too excited and doesn't want to do the work--so he just falls forward into the waiting arms, 95% of the time!  
It'll come, I know.
He is also still nursing a couple of times a day.
4 on average.  
Another first for me.
I never in a million years dreamed I would be nursing this long.
I have mixed feelings.
Jared loves cucumbers, goldfish, and waffles.
He eats almost anything.
Prefers sauce on his pasta, jelly without peanut butter, and wants nothing to do with eggs.

He loves his siblings.
He loves climbing on and teasing his siblings.
Since he turned one, he does take a nap daily (finally!!)

Jared despises socks.
He makes some very interesting faces.
He babbles quite well.
Says "Mama" when he is upset.
No real talking otherwise--but he will shake his head yes and no.

I'm probably missing some things.

Happy 14 months.

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