Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I don't remember if I've shared this or not.
If I have, my apologies.

This past September, I started meal planning.
It correlated with the start of school.
It's little things like this that can make "things" go a whole lot smoother.

I found a couple of different templates online,
 but this is the one I've been sticking with and it works for me.

I plan out a month of meals at a time. 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekdays. 
 I do not plan the weekends..(though that may change soon, ahem!)
We grocery shop one time a week and thus have all the supplies for the next week's meals.

Now, meal planning may not be for everyone, but it is working here.
I hope I can stick with it.

#1 It cuts down on the stress of having to wonder/worry what is for dinner (or lunch or breakfast!)
 every night
#2 It cuts down on the grocery bill and unnecessary or multiple trips to the store
#3 There are usually enough leftovers for lunches or one night of "clean out the fridge" for dinner
#4  Most of the time prepping is easier, because I have all the ingredients and it is not last minute
#5  While I have always used the crockpot..I use it even more now
#6  Planning out a month of meals at a time, I try to add in new things here and there instead of rotating the same meals over and over again

I am not super strict. 
 I do sometimes change up the order of the meals during the week or like a few weeks ago, Mike told me he was bringing dinner home..no problem!!  
Dinner is the main issue.  Lunch, I don't always get specific.  
For example, I might say sandwiches and fruit. 
 Dinner is specific.

It takes about a half hour or so of time to plan the month's menu, 
but saves me much, much more.

There you have it.
Have you tried meal planning?  Want to try meal planning?
Successful?  Unsuccessful?

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