Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A group of us headed to the Turtle Back Zoo on Good Friday.
Well, I was not prepared for the masses.
I guess everyone had the same idea. 
No school + reasonably nice day = zoo.
There was a line to turn into the parking lot..that ended up being full to the brim.
We were directed into the parking garage..the FULL parking garage..
I asked the attendant if there was anything special going on..being that we had been there several times over the past couple of years and had NEVER seen it like this before..
Yes, he actually said it.
"It's a zoo in there."

Mike took off the day to spend with us.
We actually had about 6 other families/friends/moms & kids that came along with us
but it was so crowded that it was impossible to stay together.

This year Travis was really able to enjoy the animals and a bit more independence.

The zoo had a new exhibit since we were there last..the Big Cats.

And of course, the train ride.
What is a trip to the zoo without the train ride?

A picture in passing..
they got on the train as we got off.
If I remember correctly, the train ride was a highlight for Zack and Luke!

Hope everyone else had a nice day too!

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Erin said...

yes it was a great time!! the train was definately their favorite part!! :)