Friday, May 11, 2012


At the end of April, the library hosted a turtle show.
Cool, right?
We invited a couple of friends to join us..

No one was allowed to touch the turtles, but the handler brought each one around so that everyone could see.

Pretty amazing..some things we did not know about turtles.
We always think of turtles as slow, right?
Well, one of the turtles he brought can run faster than the kids.
Yes, run.  Not swim.  
That little one there on the left kept looking for a way out of the cage the entire time.

We were able to hold and pass around two empty turtle shells.
Did you know that their backbone is actually attached to the shell?
This is why turtles cannot crawl out of their shell.

Travis was hesitant to touch the shells and kind of scrunched back when the turtles were being shown..but thought they were pretty cool from afar.

The one below is a tortoise.
His name is "Big Red."

It was neat how FAR he could reach out his neck to grab food.

After the show was over, the boys went up for a closer look.

I am sooo looking forward to the library's summer reading program and activities!!

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