Friday, May 11, 2012



Sorry for all the different sized pictures, I swiped a couple of these from Mike's facebook page because I didn't do a great job of documenting the progress. 
 Actually, that is not true.
  I did take a bunch of pictures, I just took them with his phone.
Anyway, last month we took the plunge and started renovating our one and only bathroom.
New floor, new paint, new fixtures, partial new tile on the walls...if you remember we replaced some of the tiles in the shower awhile it looks like a matching bathroom.

Previously, it was a light green in color.
The floor had pinkish tiles..
It is kind of hard to tell here.


 Mind you, it is not 100% complete at this point. 
We still have the fixtures to change on the vanity, I need to find a new curtain for the window, and we still have to build the closet behind the door..mostly little things.

The new floor being laid.

Yes.  Our only bathroom.
It was not a bathroom for about a week.
No, we did not go the bucket route.

The pipes were already in the basement, so Mike installed a toilet in the basement.
And of course we had the little potty seats for the kids if necessary.
It is still not a bathroom down there.
It is a toilet (and now a sink).
Right in the "middle" of the basement.
No curtain or enclosure of any kind around it..but let me tell you, it surely came in handy!

Beginning grout.

Yay!  Paint.
The official color is called "Colorado Sand."
It is in the orange family.
I like it.  
Very different from the green..but I was ready for change.
As of our last conversation, Mike wasn't too keen on the color.
I think it looks great with the tile and the I finally (you don't want to hear the story of trying to find a shower curtain!!!) found a shower curtain that fit the criteria of both likability and makes a difference.
Like, I said, still need a few little things but we're on our way.

I'll have to take a more complete picture to post for you soon..
but for now, this has to suffice.

What do you think of the color?

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