Wednesday, May 23, 2012


(attempt #2, as I just lost nearly half the  post I started)

 I have been feeling the urge to blog these past couple of days.
However, nothing really pressing to document. 
 So, I'm just going to make it a rather miscellaneous post.

1.  This past weekend, we attended ENOCH (NJ Homeschool Convention) for the second year.  
I wasn't overly thrilled with the speakers/workshops this year--just nothing that really jumped out at me as something I felt I HAD to attend.  As a matter of fact, we got a late start on Friday combined with tons of traffic on the way down, so we missed the first two workshops on Friday afternoon.  The keynote on Friday night, was un-inspiring (for me).  Maybe because I couldn't understand the relevancy or even hear half of what she said??  Anyway, on Saturday I think we only heard two speakers...kinda because we intentionally/unintentionally followed them around.  Mike Smith, the president of the HSLDA, did a great keynote speech on Saturday morning.  Mark Hamby, of Lamplighter Theater/press, did an awesome one that afternoon..I kind of wish I had ordered some of the recordings "to go."  
This year's convention was also different in that we hit up the Used Curriculum Sale!  This past year, I used a boxed curriculum, so I didn't really have need of anything else, so we didn't shop it last year.  We got a pretty large stack of books (QUIET YOU! You can't have too many books! even if I have nowhere to put them--bookshelves needed!!!!) mostly literature selections and a couple of supplementary materials for roughly $30.  
It was definitely worth it.
Friday night, I had a pretty bad headache, but Mike had made reservations for a pre-birthday celebratory dinner so out we went.   We went to Benihana's (did I spell that right?).  The food was really good and there was a LOT of it!!  We ordered a meal to share and Mike ended up eating about half of my dinner anyway.  One downside to hibachi, is the "random" dinner companions...and we'll leave it at that.
 It was nice to get away, even briefly and even though it was a packed two days.

2.  We are in the process of winding down this school year.  We have about 2 weeks remaining.  Yes, I am taking a summer break.  We will of course be reading together and I'll do a Bible "lesson" of some kind with them every morning..but nothing official.  This school year, I used a "boxed" curriculum.  It worked.  However, come September is a whole different ballgame.  Mishmash!   
Saxon Math, The Story of the World, Shurley Grammar..just to name a few.
One thing I did not find to my satisfaction, was a Bible curriculum. 
As long as we stick with it, come next September, Lord willing, I hope to use the Veritas Press Bible Curriculum.  I was leaning towards the ACSI Bible Curriculum for this coming Fall, but on reflection, I have several resources already plus I was really, really hoping that there would be a sample at the convention (and there wasn't!) so, we'll work with what we have.  With a little bundle due to arrive soon after the school year starts, why complicate things more?  Right?

Below is a picture of Michael with a bunch of objects that he found to equal what his weight would be on the moon.  (I forget what the number is now, this was taken a few months ago.)

3.  We've made it to the second trimester.  I have my next appointment coming up in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to feeling consistent movement really soon!  Did you know that when pregnant, I get a superpower? extra sensitive sense of smell.  Fairly common, but boy oh boy!  This has been with all the kids.  I remember when we were expecting Michael, taking a walk in the town we were living in and we walked into one little shop... I had to turn right around.  I could NOT go in there without gagging.  Needless to say, we left.  That is something that is just hanging on this time--I usually experience fairly mild morning (ahem! all-day) sickness early on with a super-super-hyper-active gag reflex.  Think, brushing my teeth is torturous.  In the past it has gone away by now.  Well, not with this one.  I don't have "morning sickness" anymore, but that gagging at random things..yeah.  It is staying nice and close.  I guess if that is the only thing I have to complain about, we're doing pretty well!  Praise God!

Someone is excited about a new little baby!

4.  I see some growth in the garden.  It is quite exciting!  Since it has been so rainy, I still haven't been able to plant the three remaining veggies..but I'm hoping to get to that this weekend.  The tomatoes have definitely grown, the onions also look to be going somewhere and I noticed shoots coming from the cantaloupe hills!  It has been nice not having to water daily..but a few days of consistent sunshine would be pleasant as well.  

5.  Our VBS (vacation bible school) is scheduled for early July.  I'm teaching the Pre-K/K class.  Should be fun.  I'm looking forward to it.  One of the things I miss about teaching in a classroom setting, is the different viewpoints and ideas of each student.  Not that my kiddies don't have different ideas..cause they do!  But, well, I think you know what I mean.  

6.  My birthday is in 4 days.  
It is much more exciting to celebrate the kids.

7.  Little Boogie is 18 months old today.  Did you know that this will be the biggest gap we've had between kiddies?  He is such a character.  He is also the most attached to me of all the kids.  Michael never had separation issues.  He was a perfect baby.  I kid you not.  You've never met a better baby than Michael was.   The girls both had separation anxiety in the extreme, so much so that they were dubbed, "Screama" and "Cryin' Rian."  Once they started walking though, there were no more problems.  This little bugger, while not so extreme in his screaming etc., is still very much attached.  Less than six months, buddy!

8.  I have vegetable soup in the crock pot.  It smells yummy.  I hope it tastes yummy too.  I used a new recipe that I tweaked a bit.  We shall see. 
Any suggestions or recipes on some good meals to freeze?  Couple new babies coming in the family, plus my own, and I know it was just so thoughtful and helpful when people would provide a meal for us after the babies arrived. 

9.  I've been having troubles with one of my children in particular.  This child shall remain nameless.
It is daily, several times daily, and it seems like no matter what method of love/discipline/speaking to etc. we falls on deaf ears.  Yes, there is remorse after the fact..but the same thing can happen again even minutes after the first time!  Trying to force an issue is usually a dead end.  This child will just shut down.  And yet, to leave this child go on in this path is not an option either.  It is like adolescence..but we haven't even hit double digits yet!  Any of you have similar experiences?  If so, what have you tried?  Besides lots and lots of patience and prayer(!!)  Did anything work?

10.  I'm excited for Bean's upcoming dance recital.  She really loves dancing.
This is from picture day!

With that, I'll leave you.
Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the difficult child...could it be something is just not connecting? Just not getting it? I have to stop everything with one of my children and talk close to their face and demand full attention, asking the to explain back what I said, OR nothing sinks in. If it doesn't seem like rebellion, it probably isn't so I would not concentrate on that scenario. Hope this helps. Kids are all so very different and we as parents tend to relate to some of our kids much better than others due to personality etc. I find I need to " fill my kids cup" with love much more than I think of doing so. Then discipline goes a lot better.