Friday, June 1, 2012

JUNE and things...

 Happy June!

School is almost out and hot, sticky days are ahead of us!
Today was definitely not a hot, sticky day.
A bit damp perhaps, but perfect for playing outside..and a picnic lunch.

I have been taking a break (unintentionally) from taking pictures it seems.
We had a picnic on Memorial Day.  I had my camera outside.  Did I take one single picture? Nope.  Not one.  Oh was certainly hot and sticky that day!! 
 All the kids got to enjoy the kiddie pool anyway.

We also recently acquired chickens. 
 Well, four hens.
Do I have any pictures of setting up the hen house or anything?
They have been laying consistently and I guess that is all that really matters. 
Pictures to come.

So, I see from my newly published countdown ticker (thought this one was a little different, no?), that we have approximately 170 days to go till the little one arrives.  S/he is about the size of an avocado at this point.  Is it really only that many days until November? 

Speaking of little ones, there are two due to arrive ANY second now...well, maybe not a literal second.  Really soon in any day.  One is a little boy cousin/nephew and one is a surprise cousin/nephew.  As an aside, hearing all the stuff they are going through with rules and doctor orders and hospital regulations...I'm glad we are going with midwives again.  I understand that there are always special circumstances and times when medical intervention is necessary--but really, birth is natural!!!  Babies WILL come out.  Maybe we'll save this for another post another day.  

The garden is progressing.  There was something nibbling on the lettuce..but whatever it was, hasn't been back.  There is visible growth on the tomatoes, onions, and cantaloupe.  Nothing visible yet on the peppers or carrots.  We just got the cucumbers and zucchini in the ground on Monday night.  And we ran out of no squash this year.  :(  I would have liked to plant more cucumbers too..but I guess we'll see how it goes this year.  Also, for my birthday my siblings chipped in to buy me two fruit trees!  Now I have to find somewhere to plant them!!

I took Boogie for his 18 month checkup earlier this week.
He is 32" tall and 21 lbs and ? ounces..I think he actually lost weight.
That does not really surprise me though, he went through a phase of not eating and is one very active little boy!  While he still does not have a ton of words in his vocabulary, I've noticed lately that he is making more of an effort to try different sounds.  Of course, he understands everything perfectly.  Now, if only we could get him to sit still in church!!!  I'm going to try and have him potty trained before the summer is out.  My goal is to start after VBS is over.  I should probably start the mental preparation now!

Have a good one!

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