Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Ha!  Betcha thought I was gonna introduce the new one!  Sorry to disappoint, but we haven't been to visit yet.  Yes, our new cousin/nephew arrived yesterday.  I'm going to save the details and pictures for tomorrow though, since that is when we are scheduled to visit. 

Moving on.
Yesterday, thanks to some friends, we also got some new babies of our own.
These pictures were taken right after Mike got home with them and as they were being transferred to their new (temporary) home.

 Michael was a bit hesitant in holding them.  He didn't want to bring it close.
These chicks are pretty used to being handled, coming from another family with 4 young children.

So, we have six new babies in the basement for the time being.  They are somewhere around 2-3 weeks old, so they cannot go in with the full grown hens yet.  

Rian had no qualms about holding the chicks.

Carina had not finished her dinner at this point so she missed out on seeing them and Travis wanted nothing to do with them up close.  He liked looking as long as he was far enough away or being held.

So, there you have it.
I'm hoping there are no roosters in the bunch.

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