Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I took the kids strawberry picking a few weeks ago.
It was our first time.
My first time since I was a kid.
We met Aunt Jamie and VV and two of the kids she babysits.

I think maybe next year, we'll go a week or two earlier in the season.
A lot of the berries were already rotted and what not.
Unless we just picked a bad row.

We got there mid-morning and at that point pretty much had the place to ourselves.
It is nice now that Michael and Carina are (a bit) older, they can have more freedom in roaming..
as long as they are within eyesight.

Travis was pretty into picking berries for a bit..but lost steam not too long afterwards.

As we were ready to wrap up, more people started heading in.

Victoria scoping out the plants

Somebody liked tasting as much as picking.
Or maybe more

On our way (in and) out we stopped to see the baby animals.

Goats, a calf, pigs..um?
Was that it?  I forget.

The kiddies (minus Bean) with their spoils.

Our youngest pickers.
3 months apart in age.

Yeah, all those berries?
They didn't last at all.

Note to self for next year,  monitor the berries the kids pick a bit better.
We did end up bringing some not-so-desirable ones home.
I'm sure the animals enjoyed them anyway.

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