Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It was hot and humid last week.
We, along with some friends, went to visit Fosterfields Living Historical Farm on Friday.
It was not the hottest day of the week, but I think it was the most humid.
You'll see lots of red cheeks in these pictures.

This milking contraption was not set up last time we were there.
All the kids gave it a go.  

We were hoping to see the real milking, but because of the heat the schedules were a bit off.
Don't ask me how you can reschedule milking!??

There were three new calves.  
One born that morning!

Learning about churning butter.
The mistress of the house had to produce 40 lbs of butter a day back in the day.
Bet they had nice strong forearms.

Can we go see the horse?

These guys got to enjoy a nice bath from the hose after doing some field work.

One of the horses actually only had one eye.
The other eye had been removed due to cancer.

Time for washing!
(playing the water on a hot day..this was probably a highlight!)

That is NOT water making his hair wet.

Too bad my clothesline is not lower, 
I could put some kids to work.

Wash and scrub in the soapy water..

Rinse in the clean water..

Wring out and hang.

We did not take a tour of The Willows estate..it was too hot plus, probably not something the kids would have been interested in.  However, we did take a walk up the driveway..checked out the flower garden and sat in the shade for a little while.

Is that a yawn?
Waiting for the milking..and petting cows.
The milking didn't happen and we also missed out on the egg collecting because they did it earlier...again because of the heat!  
Wish we had been told..oh well, next time.

A break from the heat in the transportation exhibit.

The kids were able to rock this to pretend that the carriage was going.

Everyone had a turn driving.

Hi, Landon!

Even though it was hot and things were slightly off schedule, 
it was still a nice time and a great place to visit.

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