Friday, September 9, 2011


In early summer, I promised the kids that we could go to the ocean.  After all, I hadn't been to the Jersey shore in 5 years.  Yes, we had been to Martha's Vineyard the previous spring, but the water was too cold to go in..and we also visited Virginia Beach when I was pregnant with Carina--but that time we also did not go in the water.  Michael was only a little squirt then too.
So, it was time.

Then, it was going to work out great--Uncle Joe was going to celebrate his birthday at the beach!  After all, he was turning the big 3-0, why not?!  We were looking forward to that.  But...change of plans.  No birthday at the beach.  

A little while later, Mike tells me he still has 2 or 3 vacation days left to take before September.  Ding ding ding!!  Its a winner!  Much to his chagrin, Mike agreed to go to the beach.  It is definitely not on his top 10 things to do.  Its not even on his top 100 things to do.  There was no way I was going down by myself with children so young.  Give me a few years and we'll be good..but at this point, No Way, Jose!!

So, we went.  The destination was Island Beach State Park, but the traffic was horrendous--it took over 3 hours to get down there--so we ended up at Point Pleasant.  The ride home was normal, thankfully.

Some pictures of our adventure.
We had to park off the beach, so a backpack was most convenient.  Travis the squirmy also ate his lunch in there.  He seemed pretty content.

 We brought "our" sun tent along and everyone used it at some point.

 It was a nice day for it, hot--but not terribly humid.  The waves were not overly flies or jellyfish..just a silly lifeguard that blew the whistle every 5 minutes.  No one could understand what he was trying to communicate. 
 One cannot go to the beach without digging holes.
 Or getting buried.
 Checking out the view in the shades.

 My husband.  The reader.
 The beach cleared out around 3:30-4pm..

 My bathing beauties.

 The kids did not go all the way in the water..but they had a great time running in and out of the surf.  Rian was the bravest one, I think.

 How do you eat your oreos?

 How was going to the shore with 4 kids, 5 years old and under?
Messy.  Of course we had to pack up everything but the kitchen sink (see picture below*) which isn't all that much fun.  And sand.  So. Much. Sand.
In the food, on the towels, in the stroller, in cracks and crevices, in Travis' mouth, in our car..everywhere you could possibly imagine having sand--it was there.  But, would I do it again?  Sure, Maybe in another five years.   
We'll see what next year brings.
I really think everyone enjoyed it.

 *Packing up.

 Bye bye!
We were going to try to get a nice group shot, but it just didn't work out.  Next time.  ;)

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