Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A very small glimpse.
We had other plans during the day and so we arrived a bit late..and then ya know how it goes..watching the kids, chatting with this and that person..pictures are not always first and foremost.  Anyway, here are a few.

 It is nice that for this event every year, everyone has to travel to us, rather than the other way around!  ;)  The picnic location is about 15 minutes from our house.  Church is about 60 minutes from our house.

 Michael, Olive, and Rena.
Michael only wanted to play with Olive.  
It was cute.
(Maybe because we had just seen her a few days before at music class!!)

 Eden peeked her head in there too..

 After dinner, we all gathered around the flagpole for some patriotic songs and music as we remembered 9/11.
 Greg and Chris-John provided some trumpet music.
 The fortunate ones that stood within camera distance..
Some of the other ones were blurry so I left them out.

 Travis and Anneke getting acquainted.
They are about 6 weeks apart.
She being the elder.
And as you can see from the background, it was pretty dark by then and we packed up to head home.
Always a nice time.
Till next year!
(maybe I'll get some more/better pics)

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