Friday, September 23, 2011


It has been almost a month now since Victoria turned one and here are the pictures.  Frogs have been her thing since before she was born.  So, I made her a frog cake.  Here it is just finished.

 Victoria and Travis.
 Birthday girl!!
 This was hurricane Irene weekend, so we were stuck indoors.
They put a bunch of kid stuff out on the porch to keep the kids occupied and somewhat confined in the small space.
 Time for presents

 Silly girl.
 Victoria loved the book from her Grandma.

 We had just packed away our jumper..and here he is enjoying this one.
 Cake made by Aunt Sarah.
She got a stuffed animal to match.
Or I guess it should be the other way around..the cake was made to match the animal.
 As you can see, frogs were prevalent. 

 She needed a bit of help with the candle.
 Annnnndddd the traditional cake shots.

 Happy Birthday, big girl!


Rightthinker said...

Your little girl is so sweet! Happy birthday!

Great job on the cake, mama!

God Bless

Mike & Stacie said...

Thanks! She is actually my niece, but still very sweet! :) The little guy in the jumper is mine along with 3 older ones.