Thursday, February 7, 2013


Quiet time.
At this stage in life, I'm not quite sure what that means.
My oldest 4 don't nap anymore and number 5 naps and eats sporadically during the day.  
I don't get up super early.  I guess I could, but then I don't have "down time" during the day so I think it would backfire.  I stay up later, but number 5 usually goes to sleep between 9 and 10:30pm.  So, if I want to have any quiet time, it has to be pretty late.
There is literally nowhere to hide in our house, even for a few minutes.

So, when do I have time "to myself?"
In the shower.


We have one bathroom for a family of 7.
It can become worse Grand Central Station.
The kids will come in if I'm using the bathroom, or brushing my teeth, or anything like that--but, even if they come into the bathroom while I'm showering--they won't come IN the shower.  :p
As a result, my showers tend to be a little bit longer..15 to 20 minutes and sometimes even a half hour, but that is extremely rare.  This is where I do my thinking, run through mental checklists and planning, and yes, even praying a lot of times.

It goes without saying, that often my hair gets washed more than once..because I'm not thinking about it and can't remember if it was already done.
Can you relate?

An older mother at church gave me this little card.
Thankfully, we don't have any animals in the house!!
Otherwise, that picture is pretty accurate.
Well, maybe the floor and counters are a little bit too neat..where are the stacks of books and matchbox cars and dirty dishes???

Love may not make all things easy, per se, but it does make all things bearable.  
I know these days are precious and few and will pass quickly.
Just thought I would share.

Where do you get your quiet time?

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